Zombicide: Invader Board Game Review

Zombicide: Invader Board Sport Overview

Ryan and Katie check out what’s new in Zombicide: Invader from CMON!

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24 thoughts on “Zombicide: Invader Board Sport Overview

  1. Damage increases happened in green horde. They actually reduced Walker and fatty damage in this one. As for abominations I've always house ruled that they were 1 shot killers since the start of black plague.

  2. I cannot wait for my KS to arrive for this game, but in the meantime I did cobble together my own home brew version to teach to others so they get the basics of it. It went down well so the official version will be equally as welcome in the groups I game with. Nice review too!

  3. Nice review! Now I am really excited about my kickstarter pledge coming. Question for you. I have a lot of games coming in this year and would like a better place to display them. Where did you get the nice shelves from in your video?

  4. Thanks Ryan and Katie! Is your review based on the retail version? I’m often wary of retail products missing a lot of Kickstarter exclusives because I’m not sure how important those exclusives are to the core game. Thanks!

  5. Thank you very much for the high quality of your video. I'm happy to see you enjoyed the game, I backed it on kickstarter and I can't wait to have it in my hands !!!
    Just one small issue tho, you miss understood the rule concerning molds : it does not spread on exterior zones (cf rulebook page 20), so you are not suppose to loose by connecting molds between spawn zones before at least the third scenario.
    Thanks again and keep going !!

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