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Xbox360 Recreation overview – Schizoid – Blunty Evaluations!

Recreation overview, Schizoid Xbox Stay Arcade

Cooperative gameplay is redefined within the fast-paced and distinctive Schizoid! Management pink and blue ships, ramming them into enemies of the identical colour to destroy them. However watch out, as a result of when you hit the alternative colour, you can be destroyed. Fast pondering and faster reflexes assist you to seize victory, however sharp teamwork offers one of the best likelihood of incomes gold medals alongside the best way. Schizoid affords greater than 120 ranges of problem, playable in both single-player or co-op mode, plus the brain-melting Uberschizoid hardcore mode, by which one participant controls each ships!

* Co-op gameplay to the max: No different multiplayer co-op recreation has such tight cooperative gameplay. The 2 gamers (or one participant with a pc A.I. companion, or one participant controlling each ships in Uberschizoid) should work collectively carefully with a purpose to defeat the hordes on every degree.
* Uberschizoid mode: For maybe essentially the most difficult and “brain-melting” problem but, strive Uberschizoid Mode. Management each pink and blue ships, matching them to every enemy colour with a purpose to succeed.
* Super graphics: The glowing, flashing, megabursting graphics add to the sport’s inherent chaos.
* Xbox LIVE® play: Play co-op over Xbox LIVE and workforce up with gamers worldwide to see how far you’ll be able to advance!

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27 thoughts on “Xbox360 Recreation overview – Schizoid – Blunty Evaluations!

  1. Nice review, partner. Your video review was thorough enough to convince me that i would hate this game. So, what did i do? I bought it of course. The single player of this game is absolute garbage. PLaying with the computer as your teammate is pointless. I think this game may actually be worth playing if anyone on xbox live were playing it.

  2. Oh please, our respective styles of review and commentary aren't even close. Mine aren't heavily scripted skits for a start, I do current games, and his "shtick" is vulgarity and shit-jokes, where I just give my honest opinion on the game. I enjoy AVGN but you calling my stuff a "ripp off" (by the way, "rip" only has one P genius) is just absurd.

  3. No, 1. it's spelled "pacman" and 2. just because it's a top down maze doesn't make it the same game. Play it and you'll see. 3. even if it DID play like pacman (it doesn't) that wold be okay because pacman is an awesome game.

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