After months of ready, the following era of consoles is lastly right here. Zoe Delahunty-Gentle has been spending buckets of time with the #XboxSeriesX and in the end, it is time for our Xbox Sequence X overview. After operating a number of Video games Cross video games on the Xbox Sequence X, experimenting with the Xbox Sequence X UI and placing the Xbox Sequence X controller by way of its paces, Zoe has all her ideas on the console prepared so that you can watch.

0:00 Introduction
1:53 Setup
4:10 UI and Personalisation
6:45 Distant Options
9:06 Controller
11:24 Video games
14:16 Look
15:08 Verdict

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40 thoughts on “Xbox Sequence X Evaluate – XBOX SERIES X GAMES, BREAKDOWN & ANALYSIS

  1. I don't get all this setup stuff. I just plugged mine in (ethernet cable + HDMI cable) and haven't had to do any of the stuff you are talking about in this video. I just logged in with my Xbox Live account and that was it. After that I've been playing without any interruptions from my Xbox prompting me to do additional setup.

  2. So the UI is similar to the Xbox One that I think already works great. Nothing irks me more than when changes happen and you can't find everyday settings you are used to. It's about playing games not sitting in the UI all day, who does that?

  3. Definitely disappointed to hear the UI isn't upgraded, it's easily the thing I like the least about the xbone vs the PS4. XSX (what are we calling this thing anyway?)'s amazing backwards compatibility makes me want it ASAP to dig through the pile of shame though!

  4. I don't understand all the criticism behind the "old" UI at all. Microsoft have updated the Ones UI constantly throughout its life, including a fairly big update only a month or so ago which also changed its appearance. To say it's the same, but then call the PlayStation's next gen, when it also looks very similar to the ps4s is strange to me. You never hear any criticism for Apple or google products for not having a new UI, because the platform is constantly being updated

  5. Microsoft said way early on that the UI would be basically the same.. why this is a surprise is what's surprising.

    The UI is basically the same, but it's very fast. You get to your games and apps library in one click.

  6. Review is skating over the fact that Series X is rather lacking in exclusive games (the clear reason to buy now). UI should have been given some more MS love because it is @1080p (last generation). Controller is also very much current generation in look and feel. Yes, faster game load times over current Xboxes, but that is largely down to the SSD (a feature present in PCs for many years now).

  7. I buy the most powerful console every generation,last time PS4 was a better machine and I bought it,this time Xbox series x is the most powerful machine so I pre ordered series x,I made the right choice last time,this time is different,there's not much out regarding games for either console but Microsoft are buying those gaming companies and they said they will buy more,they now have more studios than playstation,in time Xbox will be the one with more games but this will take time, impatient people will pick ps5 with demon's souls but wise people will buy Xbox and wait for halo infinite,elder Scrolls 6,fallout 5, starfield,the next gen doom and Wolfenstein,fable,Forza next gen ect ect scorn,stalker 2,the medium,ect ect,everwild,hellblade 2,have people forgotten all these games are coming to Xbox and not….

  8. this new UI argument is just so dumb my head hurts. Do you get a new OS when you buy $1000 iPhone? Why would you throw out 7 years of work all the enhancement and refinements made.

  9. 9:50 are we still going on about this? Bloody hell, this is not a problem anyone has ever had in the history of ever! How do you not know which direction of the d-pad you’re pressing without looking? It’s a d-pad!! You can feel it with your thumb!!! I feel like I’m taking crazy pills…

  10. Good to see a review that doesn’t sound like a MS ad. Only thing missing was a more detailed discussion on storage/game management – especially using the HDD instead of SSD.

  11. Because of Xbox getting rid of the optical audio port on the Series X do you know if the USB over audio wireless headsets now work on the Series X like the Corsair Virtuoso that would work on the Xbox one just not wirelessly ?

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