World War Z Review (Just Another Zombie Game?) - GmanLives

World Conflict Z Evaluation (Simply One other Zombie Recreation?) – GmanLives

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44 thoughts on “World Conflict Z Evaluation (Simply One other Zombie Recreation?) – GmanLives

  1. The thing I love about this game is the many variations of everything. You just said the shotguns are rubbish but I SLAY with shotguns. I love them. I have a perk that makes my range 50% better among numerous other things.

  2. This game is pretty similar to L4D2, but despite having more zombies I don't think it's quite as intense due to the bigger maps, and so an actual distance you can secure between yourself and zombies. In L4D2, if you choose a pistol instead of a melee weapon you were playing the game wrong. And the zombie types in WWZ are really just the same ones from L4D2 (and so basically every other zombie game), which makes it seem a lil bit uninspired.

  3. Crash crash crash crash crash
    Man, i can only play 1 map. The 2nd or 3rd game it will crash on loading screen.
    I tried reinstalling and rebuilding database, nothing fixed. Wasted money!

  4. ha well the zs in the film, they acted like .. imagine a tidal wave rushing down a city street, breaking like a surf wave when it hits a corner, its like they cant even be on thier feet in there can they? those mobs you show in the game, they are real small compared to the film, its probably a gpu thing .. i mean can you do a mob of 10k in a 3d game? probably not quite yet .. I dunno if ya watch much films, and wwz isnt perfect, the 2004 dawn of the dead is a better bit of film .. but man the actual zs and how they behave is amazing, best by far i ever saw
    The books tho? dont really even have a story, its more like the sas survival manual, but for a z disaster 🙂 they are kinda joke books, like having a BREAK GLASS IN EMERGENCY unit on your wall with stakes, garlic and mirror 🙂

  5. This game is so dull… I mean it works and is way more polished, but the walking dead game had at least some good ideas. Once you played through, there is nothing else to do. So many design decisions just to annoy the player. Cannot understand why you liked it 0.o

  6. What it thought was cool was the campaigns were different. The new York and japan was your average evacutaion, Jerusalem was finding a weapon to combat the swarms and the Russia one waa literally retaking the city

  7. Giving the game a thumbs down cause Im old enough to know there are better games out there. BLACK for one oh and all the Burnout games before paradise. I stopped playing or buying new systems in 2013. Love L4d. So yeah all other games I just watch playthrough a now. Thanks YouTube and gman for your vids.

  8. my gfs like the game in general. i feel like it could be a "Left 4 Dead 3" in a few ways, but its not. i cant hate the game itself tbh. it does make me wanna play L4D 1 and 2 though, so theres that… whos up for a few rounds of L4d?

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