Whiskey Review: Game of Thrones Royal Lochnagar 12 Year 'House Baratheon' Single Malt Scotch

Whiskey Assessment: Sport of Thrones Royal Lochnagar 12 12 months 'Home Baratheon' Single Malt Scotch

Right this moment we style and evaluate Sport of Thrones Royal Lochnagar 12 12 months


37 thoughts on “Whiskey Assessment: Sport of Thrones Royal Lochnagar 12 12 months 'Home Baratheon' Single Malt Scotch

  1. The colour and texture is a giveaway as to why the taste is flat. Heaps of E 150 a, and excessive chill-filtration has completely stripped the mouthfeel. A toned down product for the masses. Starts off well, but it falls short quickly!

  2. Went tastog in their distillery in August, tried the 12 year, which is fine…. but the reserve they have (only available in the distillery) is spectacular. If you are near Balmoral Castle at all, go in and try some of the reserve. It is worth the trip. £85ish per bottle.

  3. What a great point (about not catering to the top 10% of consumers). I have thought about this before. I love the heavy, aggressive, peaty Islay scotches…but I bet you that if all whisk(e)y were like that, there would not be enough of a consumer base for any distillery to have been viable, ironically leading to a world with no whisk(e)y at all.

  4. I think you both nailed it. I usually drink Captain Morgans Private stock & Cpt. Morgans pvt Stock. I am the HUGE Game of Thrones fan boy this collection was made for, & now very much looking forward to tasting all the different styles. Genius marketing….

  5. Dammit Daniel… Quit making me agree with the mooch. Don't even try with the GoT info.

    And, as a charter member of the "slow-motion pour" club, II approve of the new style 😀

  6. You may have already put this info out but I was wondering when you expect to have an expression from your distillery available. Love the videos. Cheers from Oklahoma.

  7. I've been trying to find a whiskey that one of my friend would like as he says he hates whiskey. I've finally done it turns out I should have been looking for whisky. Gave him some highland park 12 and he liked (so did I) so I might be trying some more high land whiskies.

  8. Hey guys totally off topic but do you know if Aberlour 16 is coloured or chill filtered? It seems to be very reasonably priced for a 16 I’d love to get the 18 but there’s none available here in Ontario Canada thanks

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