Sadly, Nier: Automata and The Evil Within on Game Pass aren't actually better PC ports

What’s your most embarrassing achievement?

Positive, caring about videogame rewards that quantity to tiny squares you possibly can exhibit to different individuals who care about tiny squares is a bit embarrassing to start with. However some are a bit extra embarrassing than others.

Yakuza 0 offers you an achievement for watching an attractive video, and Nier: Automata has one for trying up 2B’s fight skirt 10 instances. Murderer’s Creed: Syndicate has an achievement for flipping 5 carriages, which you’ll solely do by capturing the horses pulling them like some sort of monster. Prey offers you one for dying within the first scene—earlier than the enemies have even proven up—which you’ll solely do by being daft sufficient to surprise what occurs should you press the soar button below helicopter blades. (What occurs is you die. And get an achievement.)

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