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This web page explains what Affinity does in Monster Hunter Rise. Affinity is a stat related to weapons in Monster Hunter Rise, and could be both constructive or unfavourable. Affinity is synonymous with Essential Likelihood in Monster Hunter rise.

What Does Affinity Do in Monster Hunter Rise?

Affinity, to place it merely, is Essential Likelihood – how probably a weapon is to land a essential assault. Every weapon has an Affinity stat the place the possibility to carry out further harm is displayed as a share. In case your weapon reveals a unfavourable worth for Affinity, then this may decide how probably you might be to ship a weak assault.

A essential hit will deal 25% bonus harm, whereas a weak assault as a consequence of unfavourable Affinity will deal 25% much less harm.
Affinity does not apply to Elemental Injury – solely the uncooked harm of the weapon. For Affinity to use to Elemental Injury, you need to equip the Armor Ability Crit Factor.

How Can You Inform If You Land a Essential Hit?

Whenever you land a essential hit in Monster Hunter Rise, you will notice a crimson slash via the harm quantity – as seen within the screenshot under.

The right way to Increase Affinity

The best option to elevate Affinity (Essential Likelihood) in Monster Hunter Rise is by first getting a weapon that already has constructive Affinity, after which equipping sure Armor Abilities that elevate affinity as nicely.

  • Essential Eye – Will increase base Affinity
  • Weak point Exploit – Will increase Affinity when hitting a monster’s weak factors
  • Latent Energy – Will increase affinity for a brief period of time when sure situations are met
  • Agitator – Will increase Affinity when a monster is Enraged (crimson eye icon on map)
  • Most Would possibly – Will increase Affinity when Stamina is full
  • Essential Draw – Will increase Affinity for a short while after drawing weapon
  • Affinity Sliding – Will increase Affinity quickly after sliding on environmental terrain
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See The right way to Improve Armor Abilities for extra info.

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