Vullaby Wears A Skull To Protects Its Ass

Vullaby Wears A Cranium To Protects Its Ass

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Every Pokemon is interesting and worth talking about. I don’t play a ton of Pokemon, but I do enjoy the universe and I love learning more about the creatures in it. So, Here’s Another Pokemon! It’s Vullaby!

Vullaby Details

Type: Dark / Flying

Average Height: 1′ 08″

Common Weight: 19.8 lbs.

First Added In Era V

One time in elementary faculty, a child obtained mad at me for pushing them in a line. So after I walked by them just a few moments later they kicked me proper within the ass. It damage lots. And whereas I’d have been mocked, I’d have been tremendous glad to be sporting a large cranium round my rear finish at that second. So, what I’m saying is I get it Vullaby. I actually do. All of us need to defend our ass. I simply don’t get why you do with a creepy cranium.

Vullaby is a small bird-like Pokemon that wears a cranium as armor to guard its butt. Based on Pokedex entries discovered on Bulbapedia, it may possibly’t fly very nicely, and so far as I can inform it’s not tremendous highly effective. So all Vullaby has going for it’s the cranium. Contemplating simply what number of chicken Pokemon there are on this planet, it’s a wise transfer to seek out one thing distinctive and make it your model. And if that distinctive little bit of equipment additionally protects your ass from getting kicked, punched, or no matter, even higher. Like killing two birds with… oh.. shit. Sorry, Vullaby.

Because it grows it wants to switch its cranium with greater, extra comfortable skulls. Like how lots of us, myself included, began transferring round much less and consuming extra throughout the pandemic. This led to us having to spend money on extra pairs of sweatpants. (My denims nonetheless stay within the closet, amassing mud.)

As a result of Vullaby is actually sporting a bone-diaper and isn’t capable of fly, it solely chases after weaker Pokemon. I’m guessing that’s a shortlist. They aren’t nice runners from the appears of it, which is okay. They will hop round. Think about being some tiny, weak bug Pokemon and being chased by that ugly chicken, in a giant cranium diaper because it hops in the direction of you. Getting grabbed by that’s most likely embarrassing.

Random Info

  • It usually will get its cranium from older, advanced Mandibuzz.
  • Based on Bulbapedia, Vullaby can be very petty about completely different skulls and the way comfortable they’re and even how they give the impression of being. So not solely are you weak, unable to fly, and tiny, however all of your buddies are speaking shit about your cranium too.
  • Whereas Pokedex entries say it may possibly’t fly as a result of its wings are too small, it may possibly nonetheless be taught the transfer “Fly.” Stunning, however it appears the Pokedex obtained a element fallacious and/or Gamefreak neglected their very own lore.

Greatest Remark From Final Week

Put together for the next feedback:

1. Wailord’s dimension is scaled down dramatically throughout Pokemon battles within the video games, a lot to everybody’s disappointment

2. Large Wailord can mate with miniature Skitty


What additional correct predictions are you able to share with me, you soothsayer?

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