Uncharted 4 is the Best Game I've Ever Watched | Girlfriend Reviews

Uncharted 4 is the Greatest Sport I've Ever Watched | Girlfriend Evaluations

Attempt skillshare!

Uncharted 4 is the perfect recreation to look at a beloved one play. This is why.

Particular because of this channel for a few of their magnificence pictures:

And one other particular because of this channel for documenting this recreation’s insane particulars:

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35 thoughts on “Uncharted 4 is the Greatest Sport I've Ever Watched | Girlfriend Evaluations

  1. I'm alittle late to the whole "gaming" thing and just got a ps4 3 months ago because I really wanted to play "The Last Of Us" and part 2 (loved them both) now I need a new game….saw Uncharted 4 at Target for $20, thinking of getting it so I'm watching a dozen reviews to get ideas of the game and get peoples opinions. Seems everyone loves it….so what the hell, I'm gonna get it tomorrow.

    Question is….if I've never played a Uncharted game, is it ok to start with part 4???

  2. I don know why but I also love this game is only the second game I have ever played more than once, and the funny thing is that in fact you don't get to do much more than shooting, or climbing, or driving throughout the whole game but still is really fun; maybe is because as you said, it is like a move where you get to be part of.

  3. This is a really well put together review but do you not have enough time to play games yourself? The Uncharted series is so entertaining and moving to play as well as The Lost Legacy game and both The Last of Us games. I’ve taken hundreds upon hundreds of screenshots over the years as well as replaying all aforementioned games. The newer Tomb Raider series is also brilliant, especially the final Shadow of the Tomb Raider. Hubby & I both have our own game systems as we’re both gamers and don’t always like exactly the same games which we discovered early on in our relationship. We do both like to posse up in Red Dead Redemption 2 online for some fun.

  4. Uncharted 4 was great
    Especially from someone who beat it on the hardest difficulty. Naughty Dog nailed everything down perfectly except for one thing. Too much climbing., not enough grappling hook

  5. Great Uncharted game, it ties alot of ends together and doesnt need a sequel ever. And it shows what Naughty Dog was capable of when they do the storytelling just right….not like in TLOU2 where they forgot that important part…

  6. I don’t get why I had to play crash bandicoot for 10 minutes or take literally the worst and most lethal routes to every destination but it was fun. But seriously lots of times the destination was 5 min walk ahead but instead you climb mountain and almost die 500 times going around the island instead.

  7. with uncharted 4 and TLOU , naughty dog slaps the gaming industry by showing linear game can achive a more better story , acting, and graphic

    tha fact is open world game with a lot of side mission distrub the flow of the story
    ghost of tshushima and the witcher 3 is a good example for it.

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