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TRIALS OF MANA – Superior Remakes Carried out Low cost | KBash Sport Opinions

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Trials of Mana obtained a remake! I did not get the privilege of a overview copy, however not less than I am allowed to be trustworthy. The sport is de facto enjoyable – makes lots of significant enhancements to the unique. After all, that is my very imply present the place I say issues that trouble individuals, so I’ve some explicit vital takes on the factor, however as a complete I get pleasure from it.

Disgrace Koichi Ishii left Sq. and successfully left his personal franchise – that took me a bit off guard, however perhaps the sequence can go in a brand new course. On the very least, it is higher than the unique recreation’s remake!

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25 thoughts on “TRIALS OF MANA – Superior Remakes Carried out Low cost | KBash Sport Opinions

  1. I wish I could say they improved the game in terms of difficulty but… expert and NF just suck imo 🙁 it's not balanced or adjusted at all, just a simple 'let's add two zeros to every enemies' stats'.

  2. I see you're a fan of Lycan John Wick, cool.
    As for your ??? seed rant, there are a few enemies in the benevodon dungeons that drop them, but they're rare drops.
    Hopefully SE will drop some new content for this game.

  3. The only English voice that I recognized is Hawkeye's VA Alejandro Saab who plays Yuri (Fire Emblem: Three Houses), Uno (Nanbaka), and Scythe Hero (Rising of the Shield Hero).

  4. This game's AI was awful, and the difficulty was handholding-tier easy. No newgame+, No difficulty settings. Have no idea why people like this obvious cash grab.

  5. new sub here! your great my dude.
    loving trials so far but im only like 1 hr into my angela playthrough tho.
    also not sure if you've been keeping an eye on stuff relating to trials
    but people have come out with a balance mod & a difficulty+ mod incase that interests you~

  6. 1. Game is good. I hope they will remake Legend of Mana now.
    2. Voice actors are not bad, they simply don't fit most of the characters. Shade is good. Other mana spirits sound comically. Most of female characters are good. Male characters – depends. They simply had to lower load on existing voice actors and buy hours from other voice actors.
    3. Battle system is underdeveloped and lacks simple commands for companions – back off, stand still, attack, cast/dont'cast. Game gives you plenty of candies to compensate it, however this brings less satisfaction from wins.

  7. Dude, I just want to say that sometimes I don't agree with your opinions, but I always fucking adore your videos. They are always so fucking entertaining and i always really like your takes. You're genuinely maybe the only video game reviewer who I genuinely think is effortlessly funny. Love your stuff man, keep it up!

  8. I have a real question does this game considering a triple a remake or a double. Considering it only have 9 to 12 hours, no mini game, no extra mechanic and a minor extra story beat?

  9. I just finished it . Cant wait until for legend of mana, man me and my cousin used to spend hour raising monster and opening new world. I think we got lost and bored half way thought and forgot to finished it. I just hope they port legend of mana and keep the couch coperation and add in online play, and update the combat like this game.

  10. i just saw this review today and man i cant believe u summed up how i felt about this game its so fun to play for a huge fan of the series

  11. I had to play through the game with Charlotte while having Kevin as the main character, I was so glad when I used new game plus and didn’t haven’t to hear her every single time.. had a ton of fun with Kevin though

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