Transcendence Review & Gameplay (Games You've Never Heard Of)

Transcendence Assessment & Gameplay (Video games You've By no means Heard Of)

Transcendence is an Open-World Area Exploration indie sport which was launched on Steam on July 23, 2015. Just like FTL it options hardcore loss of life, …

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13 thoughts on “Transcendence Assessment & Gameplay (Video games You've By no means Heard Of)

  1. "A new game" Betas came out since 2003, version 1.0 came out in 2010.

    "Heavy story elements" Compared to FTL, yeah, but it's still pretty light on plot.

     Autopilot does not increase your speed or save on fuel, it speeds up the whole game.

     Pretty sure there's nothing to do with rice except trade in it, but yeah, a big part of the game is figuring out what items do(including unidentified items with random names). There are mods to make that aspect easier if you don't like it.

    Oh, I don't remember if you mentioned that, but the game is free, with payed-for expansions.

  2. >chooses beefiest ship first run
    >"not a huge fan of story"
    >claims controls are tricky
    >"game has its faults"
    >'faults' are silly opinion based dislikes


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