This NEW Elden Ring "LEAK" Is Hilariously Insane...

From Ranked PvP To Bloodborne fashion change weapons, That is simply…complete BS. It is nonetheless humorous to look over although
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34 thoughts on “This NEW Elden Ring "LEAK" Is Hilariously Insane…”
  1. This seems like some random person picking their favorite features from Fromsoft's games, ideas that they might think are great but could easily be a very bad idea, and already know stuff and assumptions. That does not seem like a natural evolution of dark souls.

  2. If it mentioned anything about feet then you would know it's 100% truth as we who have played these games for years! We all know that Miyazaki-Son has a little bit of what I would like to call a foot uh fetish of large proportions. Sorry Miyazaki but your little secret has slipped out. Please continue making great grade AAA+ titles but please either Dark Souls 4 or Bloodborne 2 next. Hey Demon Souls 2 would be fantastic as well especially with the remaster

  3. I know this man he is Miyazakis nephew and he is absolutely right about the leak and he told me to add this:

    "If you choose to start as sorcerer you gonna get an ant for a mount and start in the swamps "

  4. It does look like someone Japanese that has English as a second language wrote this. So maybe, but not probably it's a legit leak from a dev at From Software. Though I can think of no good reason to do so. Maybe a disgruntled employee.

  5. The only thing I’m hoping for from elder ring is that it’s more dark souls then sekiro. This is mostly because I thought sekiro was a lot more boring then the soulsborne games. Plus sekiro just wasn’t as fun to play through multiple times.

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