Here's Doom running on some Minecraft sheep, sort of

This is Doom operating on some Minecraft sheep, form of

First, Trey Del Bonis created a Minecraft mod referred to as rottenplayer that adjustments the color of sheep to match video enter. The primary demonstration was a model of an outdated meme referred to as Unhealthy Apple!! As the outline for that video explains, “Bad Apple!! is a song from the Touhou game series.  It’s developed a culture of being played on things that normally aren’t made to play videos, like sheep.  A lot like how people run Doom on things that weren’t meant to run Doom, like printers.”

So clearly the following step was to place a video of some precise Doom gameplay on these color-changing sheep, as you possibly can see above. If the unique footage wasn’t being displayed alongside it you in all probability would not acknowledge this herd of flickering rectangles as id’s basic shooter, however it’s nonetheless a feat price acknowledging. Even when it isn’t fairly as spectacular as Doom operating on a being pregnant check, or Doom operating on 100 kilos of moldy potatoes.

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