Thimbleweed Park™ - PC Game Review

Thimbleweed Park – PC Sport Evaluate

This can be a evaluate the brand new PC journey sport Thimbleweed Park™, from the creators of Maniac Mansion and different traditional LucasArts titles.


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40 thoughts on “Thimbleweed Park – PC Sport Evaluate

  1. i don't know why i have never heard of this game… i randomly came across it in the epic store, and considering i am in love with maniac mansion, day of the tentacle, and the monkey island series…. yep i'm downloading it right now lol

  2. On the occasion I do play adventure and puzzle games, I often end up playing them with my girlfriend. Usually if I can't figure it out, she can, or we both manage to figure it out by bouncing ideas off each other. Great fun and great memories.

  3. I definitely agree with everything you said about this game. I loved the journey and the overall vibe of the game but I wasn't really a fan of the ending. I loved the game up until that point and it was a pretty huge disappointment to see where it ended up. It just kind of felt like all the mystery and build up led to nothing. Even so I would say that overall this game was very enjoyable just for the atmosphere, puzzles, humor and endearing characters.

  4. Great game, but the the ending kind of ruined the whole story. What is it with Ron Gilbert and these types of ambiguous endings? It's probably just a call back to Monkey Island 2 where they wrote themselves in to a corner and didn't have a clue of how to end it.

  5. I would love it if these guys made some adventure series like Indiana Jones. Not only was the "Fate of Atlantis" my most favorite LucasArts game, they could just make some experienced, action, scholar guy in a leather jacket and fedora from 1930s.

  6. THANKS… bought it when I saw your review on it in 2017.. same with toonstruck and some of your FMV stuff 😉
    do more FMV reviews! 😉
    theres been quite some good stuff. you definately have to check out "Tesla Effect".. its the last in the Tex Murphy series.. sooo funny.. like douglas adams in Noir style 😉

    thanks so much.

  7. I thoroughly enjoyed this game. From start to finish (with what I consider the most proper ending), I had a real blast and got a nice sense of accomplishment from solving the puzzles. Some of them were pretty obvious, others I needed a few hints on, but a good many were call backs to solutions from previous LucasArts games. Furthermore, after beating the game and reflecting on some subtle clues here and there in dialogue and in the background, things start to come together. Some of the jokes are good in isolation, while others are "Purposely Dated Jokes" that make it clear that you're in 1987 and not 2017 (when the game came out). Case in point, when the guy in the dragon outfit yells, "SHUT UP IN THERE! DOCTOR WHO WAS NEVER POPULAR IN AMERICA AND NEVER WILL BE!" The replay value of the game is based on the same things that added to Maniac Mansion's replayability: finding the different ways to do things and different possible solutions. While the "possible solutions" may not be here, the possible "dialogue trees" are worth it to see what jokes or subtle changes happen if you go from one to the other. I'm thinking of replaying it with a stream and see what happens. Should be amusing.

  8. I played this game at PAX East around five years ago. They gave me a mousepad with a picture of the main two characters standing over the body. I've never played the game since the PAX East demo, but I still use that mousepad to this day.

  9. I find it interesting that a lot of people like the game in spite of the ending. I was annoyed by a lot of the game UNTIL the ending, at which point it all made a lot more sense.

  10. Am I the only one who found that the humour in this game fell short? I did kind of chuckle one time but all the dumb reference humour sort of ruined the atmosphere. I don't mind references to other games or to Ron Gilbert's past, but when it's throw in your face every other dialogue line it gets boring quick.

  11. This game was really hard for me, too! I resorted to the built-in hint system a few times and maybe ended up overusing it impulsively. And the ending threw me, too, like pretty much everyone. I loved the game, though. I wonder how much longer I'll have to wait to replay it. I think it's been about a year.

  12. a great game, nostalgic and ultimately a soft-revival of the adventure game genre. nevertheless i has some flaws i disagree with this review; there are way to many characters and no-one really sticks out, has a backstory worth remembering and gives the game a “face”. most noteworthy the soundtrack doesn’t really hit the target at all for annadventure game; it is mostly boring and makes you fall asleep. 🙂 there is more but not for a yt comment. still worth playing.

  13. It was good, but not great. Unfortunately the ending completely destroyed the game for me. It was on its way to being amazing then took a sharp turn of the edge of a cliff.

  14. Your channel is amazing, I love your adventure game reviews, gives me the nostalgic feeling I seem to always crave, so thank you.

    I have yet to play this game but might give it a shot based on your review.

  15. Me: (watches review) Oh an ambiguous ending? Alright, it's all up to interpretation, maybe I won't find it that bad.
    (plays game and sees ending) That's 8 hours I'll never get back.

    Until entering the factory, the game was really good tho.

  16. Oh man! I played this game and loved it, but it isn't until just now watching your review that I saw all the Easter eggs hidden in Ransom's audience! I was too busy watching him and his targets. I see Nurse Edna, Dr. Fred and Green Tentacle, a young Guybrush, Zak McKracken and one of the aliens in cowboy hat disguise…even other characters from this game on the edges of the audience that I missed.
    LOVE IT!
    Kinda sad I missed it the first time around, but happy to have something more to catch now!

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