The next Gwent expansion will be Way of the Witcher

The subsequent Gwent growth will likely be Means of the Witcher

This yr’s second growth for Gwent, following on from Gaunter O’Dimm car The Mirror Grasp, has been introduced. It is referred to as Means of the Witcher, and it releases on December 8.

This growth will embrace 70 new playing cards, 10 per faction plus 10 impartial playing cards, themed to attach every faction to a particular Witcher College with its personal playstyle. Nilfgaard decks, for example, will get the Viper College playing cards, which encourage “resource manipulation and sabotage”. The Monster faction, being made from all these issues witchers historically hunt, looks as if it is going to be getting Means of the Mutant playing cards as a substitute, that are all about “savagery and hunger”.

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