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The Starvation Video games: Mockingjay Half 2 – Bum Evaluations

The Bum is again to assessment the ultimate Starvation Video games. Hey, the place has he been this summer time? Get some Nostalgia Critic T-Shirts right here – See …

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35 thoughts on “The Starvation Video games: Mockingjay Half 2 – Bum Evaluations

  1. Gale and Coin are to blame for the deaths of all those children. I can't believe that Katniss let the creep live, but she was most likely sick of all the death and killing. She might have loved Gale once, but now she is too emotionally drained to feel much of anything. Coin was going to reinstate the hunger games. She was more of a threat than Snow was. The man was about to die from his illness anyway, but Coin was an immediate threat to the world. The ending makes sense. As an avid follower of history, I can find parallels between the Hunger Games series and historical events. The story was so depressing and emotionally scarring, I refuse to read those books more than once.

  2. It makes sense for Katniss to kill Coin. She sees another Monarch coming in and taking over the system. The Katniss character is very damaged, and …well yeah. It makes sense her actions.

  3. Is it bad that I think Katniss killing Coin was a good thing? Because if you think about it, Coin was power hungry and was about to become the very thing the Rebels were fighting when she wanted to hold a "symbolic" Hunger Games with the Capital's children, which I still think is a fucked up type of revenge. Sure, revenge is a dish best served cold, but not THAT cold. And Snow, he was dying already. Killing Snow with a single shot from Katniss' bow would be too good for him. Plus, she'd be killing an unarmed prisoner which wouldn't be the right thing to do in her part. Even though Snow tortured the living shit out of Katniss, it's the people of Panem he's affected the most and they deserve to take Snow, which they did. And…(SPOILER ALERT) since it was Coin's plan to bomb people in order to draw more in, as well as the medics, causing Prim to die in the crossfire, I think she earned a few death wish points for that. Yes, it was a surprising yet underwhelming turn of events but to me it was justified.

    Anyone else agree?

  4. Here's my take on the ending(at the capitol). Going by the books here, haven't seen the movie.
    After "she" dies, Katniss goes to talk to Snow about it. Then when she's about to kill him she realizes Coin is the one that killed "her" so she ends up killing Coin instead of Snow. Now Snow supposedly died from the crowd, but I think Coin poisoned him, hence the blood when he laughed.

  5. Could someone explain me…. WHAT WAS DOING KATNISS SISTER BETWEEN ALL THAT KIDS?! Was she captured while she was helping the rebels with the other medical officers? If that's the case, why they have a enemy prisioner, even being a kid, between all the refugees that are going to enter in the president house?

    I think and think it, and unless there is a part of the plot that I missed, IT MAKES NO SENSE AT ALL!!

  6. No wonder the bum has been gone forever. He was high on drugs. Man that's most celebrity couples. You are so dead. I know. I am emotionally compromised by this! GIANT CG EYELESS PEOPLE! WOW! The bum has an uncomfortable corner? DO YOU WANT REALITY OR NOT! Obviously not I was high most of the summer. Oh you did the fan fiction last chapter of Harry Potter route. How can he do photosynthesis?

  7. Well, technically, she had to choose between two different kinds of revenge in a way. When you said, "she had to choose between her revenge and what's best for the world." Alma Coin was in charge of Prims death with the bombs. Coin sent Prim with the medics knowing about the explosions, expecting her sisters death to totally break Katniss.

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