The Sega Genesis MINI - Review - Game Sack

The Sega Genesis MINI – Overview – Recreation Sack

Episode 255 – Sega of America despatched within the model new Sega Genesis Mini. I intention to provide the finest info so you may determine in order for you one or not.

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38 thoughts on “The Sega Genesis MINI – Overview – Recreation Sack

  1. could you do comparisons in the future without talking in between? without cutting between sounds then we can directly hear any differences. Would be amazing to hear.

  2. I have three different HDTVs two of them being smart one of them just a regular flat screen and none of them play the Sega Genesis mini correctly there is always some sort of lag with the input no matter what setting I have the TV on I can turn the real motion off turn into the game setting I don't know what my TV's problems are but it can't play that thing which sucks cuz I was excited about it my modded SNES classic plays Genesis games better than my Genesis mini that's messed up LOL

  3. August 13th 2020 here, I bought one for the equivalent of 35 USD aprox. I think that was a fair price. One thing that I should add to this review is that if you change your console to German or Italian you will get the European Version of the games, for example: Castlevania: The New Generation and instead Contra Hard Corp it is Probotector… small details but I think it is nice…

  4. It's a great mini console but it's missing sonic 3 and knuckles I wished they could've gotten Aladdin tmnt hyperstone heist nba jam more of the golden axe and streets of rage games but of those games they did pick the best ones other than it's great

  5. Eh, most the games on the mini are overrated. And if not that they are just getting so old. Sonic, Streets of Rage. When it comes to Sega ppl just talk about the same games over and over. Screw Streets of Rage! Screw the mini too! Waste!

  6. How come nobody is mentioning the input delay in the Genesis Mini I literally just went out and bought one brought it home and played it and it's awful that thing is a piece of crap I'm kind of miffed that I spent the money to get it

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