The Legend of Korra: The Game Review

The Legend of Korra: The Game Review

What a disappointment. Even with a reputable developer behind it, The Legend of Korra game left us bent out of shape.

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41 thoughts on “The Legend of Korra: The Game Review

  1. Why don't they just make a fighting game like Pokken or Jump Force, the bending combat is the main appeal. They should capitalize on it. Unfortunately, they didn't do the thing.

  2. Personally I liked the game I thought the fighting mechanics were lit except for the part were appa was running but all things considered I really enjoyed it beats every other game in its franchise

  3. This is a terrible review. The game is fantastic and especially worth 15 quid. Combat is varied and ace, especially for platinum games along with the story which although is basic still seems important and involved. The mechanic where items need to be purchased upon death is still used to this day with games that ign believed were awesome which is very hypocritical of them. My only gripe is the polar dog scenarios which just seem generic and crappy. Quit listening to this garbage and buy the goddamn game

  4. IGN I strongly disagree with you as The Legend Of Korra: The Game has proven to be an amazing game. It has picture-perfect graphics, a story line really gets you into the game and overall its fun! I have this on computer and it really compliments the world of gaming. I would give The Legend of Korra: The Game a 10/10.

  5. Totally unfair score… for $15, this game is at least an 8… there are far worse games out there that are full priced priced and this game gives you a fun, combat system that if you try to master it, becomes more enjoyable.

  6. Story aside, its actually a pretty good game due to combat. You can toggle through bending in the middle of combos which is dope af if youre looking for that true Avatar feel. I played in the hardest difficulty, then buying items to further gamble the game. The items and mastery of each element depending on situation is what makes the game really fun. You have items that will double attack at the expense of HP or grant timing bonuses at the cost of hp, etc etc. Thats what really made the game fun, even Pro Bending at higher lvls got to be fun (and challenging)

  7. Is it weird I beat the game yesterday and bought it yesterday? I still give the game a 8/10. Starting you off without bending gives you time to get used to the combat, and lets you feel the struggle before the easy part.Collecting all the bending abilities can give you a challenging and satisfying experience. I still dearly like the game.

  8. I like this game!
    Because of combat.(and i'm wondering "Is the combat only thing i like?")
    Graphic is nice, like prince of persia.
    I just like cartoon/anime about Korra.
    It took me about 4h to complete this game.
    I dont feel i have enough fun with bending elemements, after srory mode i havent got them maxed.

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