The Forest Review

The Forest Review

The Forest is a survival horror game about enduring onslaughts of mutants and cannibals while trying to maintain your wavering sanity. Seems like a lot of the …

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23 thoughts on “The Forest Review

  1. Cannibals will only attack if they witness you killing their mates. The starved Cannibals will attack no matter what, but they still count as part of the tribe, so if any cannibal see you kill the starved ones, they will still see you as the aggressor.

    You can actually survive the game without going to war with the cannibals.. Well, except for the starved ones, they will attack and eat anything.

  2. you know the sequels is just doomed, because they feel that they HAVE to make it bigger while not changing their QA and testing, so the bugs will still be plenty.

  3. I think the "Booze curing cold" comes from a thing a lot of snowmobilers, fishers and hunters do in Canada which is pretty much just take a drink of whiskey when it's really cold. Not enough the get drunk, but the burn of booze actually helps you feel warmer (and honestly if you do get slightly intoxicated that helps you not feel cold too). You're not supposed to get drunk or anything and it doesn't actually prevent you from freezing to death, but it give you a bit of temporary comfort. The devs are Canadian and it's pretty normal around here.

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