The Best Games for Learning Game Development [2020]

Are you able to be taught precise technical sport growth expertise, like sport design, and even programming from taking part in video video games? Fortunately, the reply is: after all!

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20 thoughts on “The Finest Video games for Studying Sport Improvement [2020]”
  1. This was an awesome video, especially for mentioning Levelhead! I specifically got Levelhead to work on my level design skills for game dev & it's been great for that, but I never could've imagined what I was getting into when I got it.

    I would've gotten Mario Maker 2 but decided to give Levelhead a try since MM2 would've required buying a switch, a controller, etc. & Levelhead was cheap. Now I've put hundreds of hours into Levelhead & have made over 30 levels. I've also given myself a reminder that I enjoy playing games more than making them, but it's great that Levelhead is really fun to play, and not just for making levels.

    It's neat to see all these options out there now. I loved games like Lode Runner, Robot Odyssey, and Adventure Construction Set in the mid to late 80s, so it's always great to see that those kind of games have only gotten more complex and more popular.

  2. You should also check out Geometry Dash, people managed to make amazing stuff using the ingame editor. Just search up "GD MasterGame" or "GD H O W"

  3. Bro I am interested in taking game designing but I got a question that will I get a job placement? what if I didn't want to study and quit what can I do further ? please clear my doubt

  4. I see someone already suggested Geometry Dash for part 2, and being a part of the Geometry Dash community (and a level creator) mysefl since 2016, I would like to help you…

    The Geometry Dash editor allows you not only to create and publish online your own rythm-based levels with blocks, orbs, spikes or other obstacles, combined to create a gemeplay following the rythm of any song you can import from the Newgrounds website (songs are made by artists or even by you as the website is a free portal for indie artists to publish their creations), but also to create EVERYTHING you'd like to create, like recreations of entire games (such as "Break a leg", "Super Mario Bros", "Sonic", "Electronic Super Joy", "Just shapes and beats" and a lot more the community already created and shared), your own unique big game inside the game itself (like the top down zelda-like level/game "Mastergame" by Serponge) or even animated shorts (in the form of automatic levels called "Auto levels", some of which are groundbreaking, pushing the editor capabilities to its limit).

    Basically, the game has an editor full of pre-built and color-customizable blocks, spikes, enemies, monsters, orbs, portals (etc) all with their unique features or style, plus there are triggers, which you can use to make objects move, rotate, change color, disappear, pulse, etc…

    The combination of the previous makes everyone capable of creating whatever he/she wants, with the in-game level editor looking more as a 2D game engine as of version 2.11 of the game.

    A lot of very known creators in the Geometry Dash community even started their own indie game development journey (creators like Serponge or Etzer, who kept the names they had in-game as their nicknames)

    Hope this was helpful 😀

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