The Last 2D Boost Game! (Sonic Generations 3DS Review)

The Final 2D Increase Recreation! (Sonic Generations 3DS Assessment)

It is time for our final cease on the 2D increase bus, Sonic Generations 3DS. However how does it maintain up when in comparison with the previous few? Edited by Andrew Willoughby: …

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26 thoughts on “The Final 2D Increase Recreation! (Sonic Generations 3DS Assessment)

  1. So when is the next sonic mania plus mod video coming also if you want garrolus I can send you a mod called sonic 3 mania which is a demo that was showcased on game banana now private

  2. Here's a list of all the levels I would want to be in Handheld Generations (the ones I know, anyway):
    Bridge Zone.
    Egg Rocket.
    Music Plant.
    Route 99.
    Water Palace.
    Blizzard Peaks.
    And Starlight Carnival.

  3. QotD:

    Classic Era
    -Sonic 1: Green Hill/Bridge
    -Sonic 2: didn't played
    -Sonic Chaos: didn't played

    Advanced Era
    -Sonic Advance: Secret Base/Angel Island
    -Sonic Advance 2: Ice Paradise
    -Sonic Advance 3: didn't played

    Rush Era
    -Sonic Rush: Water Palace/Carnival Night
    -Sonic Rush Adventure: didn't played
    -Sonic Colors: Tropical Resort/Asteroid Coaster

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