The BIGGEST MISTAKE Rust Console Devs Made

At the moment we’re speaking about what I believe is likely to be the BIGGEST MISTAKE Rust console builders have made! We’re not speaking about Rust console version …

Key: rusts console model has been delayed into 2021

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47 thoughts on “The BIGGEST MISTAKE Rust Console Devs Made”
  1. The biggest turn off about this game is
    Dying and spending an hour looking for a rock that I can actually farm.
    Pre-order, played it about 3 days( 4 hours tops), got bored doing the simplest task, uninstall.
    You could say a billion things about ark. But at least you can do something so simple as getting rock anywhere.
    “No mineable rock”😡…….🤬

  2. Bruh they need to add custom servers casue im a duo trying to survive against 5 to 8 man teams life wtf. I mainly play pc rust but I started playing with the homies on console an like bruh that shit ain't even fun

  3. Bruh I played 45 dollars for this shit with no good graphics no good monuments no cars no disabled horses and you get raised every day and night

  4. I spent 50$ on regular rust because people said you could connect a controller. You can not. So I bought rust console for another 50$ and I’m incredibly disappointed. Both versions.

  5. I just got on rust and on a dead server that had nine people every 3 ft there was a stone base Stone base Stone base Stone base Stone base metal base Stone base Stone base Stone compound Stone compound metal compound Stone compound Stone base Stone base Stone base Stone base Stone base Stone base Stone base

  6. I really want them to fix this game I haven’t played rust yet but I want to get it but not in the state it’s in now I really don’t want this game to die since it’s got so much potential

  7. I would love to have all the landforms that pc has but I would rather have them fix the lag I got kicked from my game like 10 times in a couple hours

  8. I just want them to fix the frame drop in gun fights. Ik I'm on ps4 Because I can't get a 5 for retail price so it's not going to be as good as next Gen but I should be able to fight with the same frames as gathering loot and resources

  9. The problem isn't the devs . They have done what they can with a trash console…. it's playstation and x box being trash. Works fine on pc.

  10. mostly play rust on pc so decided to get it for console ps4 and I can’t even get on without crashing when the devs fix it I’m sure in time rust will be a great game on console and hopefully things work well 👍

  11. It’s unplayable people are invisible sometimes you can only see they’re gun,the frame rate sucks and I loose every gunfight cus of that and my friend says I suck ass but he plays a lot better cus he has a ps5 but even then his game crashes like every 5mins it’s so buggy overall too

  12. Rust on console is horrible. Constantly crashing, insane lag, horrible game designing and other things. My one friend can’t even play the game because when he gets in it the game crashes. Sometimes he can load in but he can’t wake up no matter what button he spams. He basically paid for a picture of rust on his Xbox.

  13. I haven’t been able to play for 3 days because it crashed when loading, I got stuck in the gas station for 25mins cuz I couldn’t climb the ladder to get out of the hole and idk what to do, still can’t play.

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