The Greatest Red River Showdown EVER 💯 A Game to Remember

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36 thoughts on “The Biggest Crimson River Showdown EVER A Sport to Bear in mind”
  1. Actually Texas' win 13 to 7 win over OU back in 1977 was the better game. Texas had two quarterbacks hurt by the fourth quarter and the game was decided with less than a minute left when OU was stopped on the Texas two on fourth down in the fourth quarter. Earl Campbell won the Heisman that year.

  2. If a tie is like kissing your sister, Texas winning is like kissing your sick dog. Herman’s post game interview was his last hurrah. Suk em horns.

  3. Talk about prisoner of the moment with the title. 45-35 in 2008 was a much better overall game. Texas gave up a 21 point lead in this game. Calling this the greatest Red River Shootout is like calling the Pats v Falcons Super Bowl the greatest Super Bowl of all-time, when it’s not even the greatest Super Bowl the Patriots have played in.

  4. Nobody thought the 44 yard FG was gonna go into the stands so they never even raised the nets. It busted my nose and I pooped my pants a little bit, went home and changed and still made it back for the last 7-8 minutes left in q4.

  5. YESSIR! HOOKEM! DICKER THE KICKER! I was at my older brother soccer game and I was listening to the game on my dad's phone through earbuds and I remember running around saying yes yes yes we did it.

  6. Props to Texas on that win. But I will have to say it took a hell of an effort for Texas to get to Victory. It's tough to lose by a lousy field goal. I wish I had Kyler speed, he is faster than a rat wearing sneakers

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