That Dragon Cancer REVIEW - GAMES IN EDUCATION (English/Philosophy)

That Dragon Most cancers REVIEW – GAMES IN EDUCATION (English/Philosophy)

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Whats up and welcome to What Da Math. On this video I made a decision to assessment an unimaginable new “walking simulator” sport primarily based on a real story and a lifetime of an actual baby referred to as That Dragon Most cancers. This emotional and extremely touching story is an absolute should play for any trendy video gamer.

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4 thoughts on “That Dragon Most cancers REVIEW – GAMES IN EDUCATION (English/Philosophy)

  1. I remember I read in the newspaper awhile ago a game similar to this was asking for funds, wonder if this is it. Pretty sure I donated some money, I hope it does well, games like these don't get a lot of credit, when they really should.

  2. Other games that fall into a similar category for this would be This War of Mine and Valiant Hearts. They both follow themes that are engaging as games and push the boundaries of games to touch upon and teach players about difficult subjects.

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