SWAT 4: Gold Edition PC Game Review

SWAT 4: Gold Version PC Sport Evaluate

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SWAT 4 is a tactical shooter online game developed by Irrational Video games and printed by Vivendi Common Video games on April 5, 2005. It was constructed on Irrational Video games’s Vengeance Engine powered by Unreal Engine 2 know-how. In SWAT 4, the participant leads a SWAT tactical factor in resolving numerous conditions, corresponding to hostage standoffs or apprehensions of harmful topics. An enlargement to SWAT 4, entitled SWAT 4: The Stetchkov Syndicate, was launched on February 28, 2006. On January 24, 2017, it was launched digitally on GOG.com.

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22 thoughts on “SWAT 4: Gold Version PC Sport Evaluate

  1. I really love the horror vibes. Being a swat operator like this would be scary, and so the game should be too. Imagine a swat reboot but similar to what they did with Modern Warfares 2019 nvg missions. Would be awesome.

  2. As old as this video is, I just wanna say that, if you want to just shoot baddies, you can always play on Easy, Since it has 0 point requirement for finishing the level

  3. How about a SWAT 5. I mean, the Rainbow series is a far cry from the tactical badass ness of the first 3 and I don't see it going back to being a tactical shooter. A new SWAT game could be the start to bringing back the tactical shooters to the mainstream.

  4. Kind of stupid review. So while playing Arma you complain "i just wonna shoot some army guys with my gunzz and i dont care about dumb recoil, it is just a video game after all, sheez", right? Or you just play some Call of Duty? Also, find me 15 years old game with better AI. Damn, find me 10 years old game with better AI, even 5… And yes, when you send squad thru long corridor they can be gunned down by single guy with pistol, lol. Thats the whole point… Thats why they have T in SWAT, it is very important. And non-linear placement of enemies is part of whole game point – you never know what to expect. You must adapt and react or you will die… you know, like SWAT team in those situations. Also, you are from Police, not execution squad, so its better to not kill people, even when they have gun. 🙂
    IMO you made a fundamental mistake – this is not FPP Shooter, this is FPP Simulation of SWAT team – like less like FIFA, more like Microsoft Flight Simulator.
    I dont understand your complains at all. IMHO this is best FPP non-military simulator.

  5. Unfortunately, the only way to consistently 100% every level, or close to 100%, is to go non-lethal with either pepper ball or bean bag. SEF mod solves a lot of issues, but using lethal weapons is mostly a detriment to your score in this game regardless.

  6. "Unauthorized use of force even penalizing you by taking points off your end level score…"
    "You've got half a second to react…"
    "It's extremely biased against the player…"
    "Applies to civilians and hostages who will never get to their knees when asked then act like total pricks and ignore you requiring a dose of pepper spray or a zap from a taser…"
    "They will simply never comply, and you know this, and you still have to follow the stupid protocol and essentially let them fire first…"
    -This all sounds exactly like real life police work to me in 2020 in the US, except instead of losing points, you lose your job and probbly get criminal charges.
    EDIT: In fact I think more people should play this game.

  7. 3:30 yeah, that's completely untrue, you can achieve max score while killing all suspects.
    Back in the days I did a maxed-out non lethal run where I bean-baged all suspects followed by a maxed-out lethal run where I carried only lethal weapons.
    All you have to do is just shoot in self defense. Basically you bully them in submission and if that's not enough and they start to draw you shoot them.

  8. The thing about "realistic aiming and recoil" that they don't consider is that you're playing as a badass SWAT officer who has practiced a lot. Instead they treat it like you're a person who's never fired a gun before.

  9. All you gotta do is use AP ammo in the M4 with it set to semi auto and you''ll kill everything instantly. Full auto is absolutely useless.
    Shotgun with beanbags for nonlethal and you'll be fine.
    A friend and I went through this game coop and did every single mission with perfect scores, it's not that hard once you figure it out.

  10. This game is so unrealistic… No cops are held to any actual standard of law enforcement in America. They can murder someone in broad daylight with clear video evidence against them and nothing happens to them unless an entire country starts to protest lol

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