Sunset Trials games! *chat about Third Person* and maybe Crucible reviews coming back!

Sundown Trials video games! *chat about Third Particular person* and perhaps Crucible opinions coming again!

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Ship me a full sport of one in every of your Trials of Osiris matches! Ensure its an in depth/good sport of you barely shedding or barely profitable and I’ll look over it and allow you to know what you might of carried out in sure conditions! No music in background and highest high quality attainable!

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37 thoughts on “Sundown Trials video games! *chat about Third Particular person* and perhaps Crucible opinions coming again!

  1. I'm not gonna act like I can truly understand the woes of the higher-skilled players. For the most part, my heart sinks when I see anyone of your skill level on the opposing team. But even on the lower side of the spectrum, all 3peeking does is encourage the other team to follow suit. Then the games go from high-paced gun-skill and strategic ability usage to 3-4 minute long games of chicken. I could literally put my controller down and make a quick sandwich (seriously, I just left myself crouched behind cover 'cuz I was so done) and nothing would change. Players who can't trust their own skill and have to make sure it's ABSOLUTELY safe before even moving to the gunfight will never improve. And trying to justify it by saying "they were using shatterdive, they were using cheesy weapons, etc" is simply admitting that you crutched on an exploit because you thought the other team had an inherit advantage that you had no skill to counter. Scrubs do that, not people looking to improve.

  2. 3 peeking is bad, sword peeking is bad, shatterdive to 3 peek is bad, shatterdive is bad, arbalest is bad, behemoth super is bad, stasis abilities vs light abilities is bad…….People still abuse all of these things to win in trials. Trials is bad.

  3. Ways my friend and I have thought of how bungie can deal with 3 peeking. 1: Stuck in first person when you have no ammo for your sword or for emoting. 2: Make emotes only usable upon lose or win of a round/game.

  4. I mean it’s unpopular but Like you said Destiny is not competitive. “3 peeking” has been around since D1. These people are grinding for their rewards and you’re upset because you lost doing a silly challenge?

  5. Yes. 3rd person needs to go. I wouldnt mind using melee weapons or even supers in first person. Kind of like skyrim lol. Unfortunately its probably not gonna happen because we have emotes…

  6. So cerridius your saying you should be able to shatter dive me around adorned with out seeing me but I shouldn't be able to see that coming…. I think your crying about something in a game thats been there since its first debut stfu seriously the more you comain the more it happens to you grow up and get better

  7. Just take out the third person view emote in pvp (you can still emote and be seen by others) and remove being able to equip a sword without having any ammo (why equip it anyway without ammo)! Some problems are then solved imo!

  8. 3peeking isn’t fun to play with or against, but with destiny 2’s shitty net code, i honestly can’t say they’ll take it out. i think sidez (a smaller crucible youtuber) made a good video about peeking. when you peek out from cover, there’s a delay. so you’re able to see an enemy before they can actually see you on their screen. thats why when people come around cover and instantly dome you it feels so shit.

  9. i hate 3 peeking but when other people do it, i just switch to 100 intellect and do the same. my team will take every round to timer if the enemy wants to play like a bunch of cowards. (it actually happened a few weeks ago when i went back to console to run with some homies and our first game the enemy was all 3 peeking on revenants, we took every round to timer and bagged every kill.)

  10. Yo man, you, and everyone else that agrees with you, needs to get over the 3-peeking thing. It’s a part of the game, every single team in trials does it, everyone has the ability to do it, so deal with it as an in-game mechanic. Sorry, but complaining about it is not going to change that. You’re wrong if you think it’s exploiting, because it’s not. Get over it bruh!

  11. Huge fan but come on cir you didn’t have to tea bag dem. They was really a good solid team. Give respect where is due. They really play good. Wow, most respect to dat team!

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