Stardew Valley Board Game - Teach, Playthrough, & Review

Stardew Valley Board Recreation – Educate, Playthrough, & Assessment

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That is “Stardew Valley: The Board Recreation,” designed by Eric Barone and Cole Medeiros, and published by ConcernedApe in 2021. This is a board game that is based off of a popular video game by Eric Barone called, “Stardew Valley.” This video features a guidelines overview.

***Guidelines Correction***
When pulling the “gift” image on a season card your pal’s birthday DOES NOT MATTER. Every participant is allowed to make the most of the present of precisely ONE of their pals whatever the season. This definitely improves the sport slightly bit.

00:00​​ – Begin & Rationalization
19:48​ – Playthrough Begin – Spring
44:29 – Summer season
01:09:00 – Fall
01:29:47 – Winter
01:46:54​ – Assessment

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29 thoughts on “Stardew Valley Board Recreation – Educate, Playthrough, & Assessment

  1. Thematically, this game seems to completely miss the mark while nailing the aesthetic. Stardew Valley the original is really chill, where you get to choose how to make your fun and is pretty lightly directed. This has such a narrow list of tasks, many difficult to accomplish, that there is no time to stray from the optimal path. The ending in particular was far more stressful than I would have imagined, and it seems quite easy to end up hosed by the midpoint. Even though you both played with little 'wasted' turns, you were basically one lucky draw or roll away from being unable to win. And especially for a game that could take 3 hours to play, that seems too luck dependent. I don't know how you could make this less stressful without increasing the time (maybe letting you pick items or less heart dependent?), but I am sad it doesn't match the relaxing nature of the board game. All that aside though, this was a fantastic playthrough that had me hooked from the beginning. Great job!

  2. I don't think the birthday has to match the month for the gift icon, I believe you can use ANY if your friend's gifts. You also get all card-gift things after you choose a villager, which means your pig.

    EDIT now i've gotten to the end, that means you could have used your Clint to upgrade his tool to max level, which meant 100% chance to win at that point XD

  3. At 1:25:16 when you drew the double crow, seeing that you have to resolve the season card from top to bottom you could have discarded the crop in space 3 for the green crow. That way, when resolving the red crow there would be nothing for the little bugger to steal! Just a thought! 🙂

  4. me and my girlfriend 100% the game (included ginger island) in 4 years in-game. we try to speed run it with new strategies. if you guys want a solid 110 score for the fall festival i have an easy guide i created:

    gold star pumkin (seeds store)

    gold star sunflower (seeds store)

    diamond (mining)

    iridium tuna (fishing level 6 or higher, more common with higher levels. i recommend at least 7-8) go to ocean to fish it.

    gold star star fruit (seeds in desert shop)

    sweet gem berry (Friday or Sunday the traveling merchant shop sometimes have them. to the left of marnies shop where you buy farm animals)

    truffle oil (pigs drop truffle, put truffle in oil maker)

    oil of garlic (buy from dwarf in mines)

    iridium wool (sheep) sheep must be 4-5 hearts to produce.

  5. I liked the final thoughts. I do think that at times the game is incredibly challenging. I feel like several of your thoughts could be incorporated easily as house rules, such as the put chests above fish, reveal bundles right away, or turn making friends into a permanent goal.

  6. This does seem to have a decent amount of luck to it, but that does fit the video game (especially if your running goals like completing the community bundle in a year). You may spend a day trying to find a certain fish or looking for artifact spots and not find one. You may open multiple geodes and never gain a new item. So I think even the luck aspect of this game captures the original stardew theme.

  7. Grandpa's goals is kind of in the video game. At the end of 2 years, which was originally considered "normal playthrough" before anything repeats, you are visited and reviewed by grandpa. The number of candles on his alter was how well you did. 1-4.

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