Star Wars Squadrons is AMAZING! -- Full Game Review

Star Wars Squadrons is AMAZING! — Full Recreation Evaluation

I give my full recreation evaluation of the model new STAR WARS SQUADRONS… and I adore it!
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40 thoughts on “Star Wars Squadrons is AMAZING! — Full Recreation Evaluation

  1. I feel like the story is subtly trying to retcon the Disney Trilogy out of existence. I find it hard to believe that in just a few years the New Republic would go from making OP Dreadnoughts to completely abolishing the military.

  2. maybe, just maybe EA learned to let developers do their thing, so that the final product will be exceptionally better and for that reason generate more sales ?! (Fallen order also was a great example of that)

  3. I don't know if I am doing something wrong but I cannot seem to get the completion for the challenge "That'll Teach Them." I have played and won 5 separate Fleet Battles vs AI and the damned thing won't give me the completion, and I can't skip it either. Anyone else ran into this problem?

  4. Initially fun, but quickly turns into a tedious grind. The story was basic, disappointing. The urge to remain politically correct has rendered elements of the game redundant. I would recommend waiting for a sale on this one rather than paying full price.

    [Character Customisation/Creation]

    You can clearly tell that the desperate attempt to remain politically correct was given higher priority than other essential aspects of this game.

    Each pilot (New Republic/Empire) has a default name which can't be edited. Which is absolutely pointless as it's not used at all during the entire campaign. They always refer to you as your call sign. You also pick a voice which is only used for one line in the entire game "I need a resupply" when you request one.

    Then you've got the appearance. There are a male and female variation of every race available, However they've been very careful to not mention gender anywhere and allow you to use male voices for female and vice versa to check that politically correct box. The whole game is also in first person so you never see your customised character either.

    The fact that voices aren't used, names aren't referenced and you never see your character during the entire game gives the impression that something was intended here, but the politically correct brigade stepped in last minute to make it redundant.


    These were awful, even by the end of the campaign they didn't seem right. Yes you do have the ability to remap them entirely, but the issue is that every single control is already in use, so it's hard to move anything from the thumb sticks.

    For example the throttle up and down is on the left thumb stick, along with roll, which means you're constantly accidently affecting your speed when trying to manoeuvre or vice versa. Also worse is that if you click the left thumb stick it boosts your engine, which resulted in scenarios where I boosted into an obstacle several times.

    If I were to remap, due to every button being in use, something hand to replace where the throttle sat and so would cause the same issue. Compared to other combat flight sims this was a poor.


    Tedious. I was hoping for a little more variety with the environment. Perhaps a land map where you're attacking ground targets. Instead everything is in space where you're either dog fighting or attacking the same capital ships over and over. It was initially fun, but quickly turned into a grind after the first few missions.

    The ship selection is good, they've done well to ensure each ship has significant roles to play.

    [Virtual Reality]

    Fantastic! You can see this was one of the key considerations. For me personally motion sickness is definitely a risk and I found myself requiring a good break between missions to recover. In fact for the last few missions I avoided using VR. The very fact that I did feel rough when barrel rolling and flying upside down is a credit to the realistic flight simulation this game provides.


    Standard. From the trailers and initial revealed gameplay I was hoping for something deeper. Instead the Titan Squadron were the stereotypical bad guys who all possessed English accents (missed out xenophobia on the political correctness list there guys). Vanguard Squadron on the other hand all had American accents and played the underdog as usual.

    I was hoping for more interaction with the members of the squadron, instead you get a brief dialogue with them sporadically in between missions where all you can do is listen, no interaction or opportunity to build a relationship whatsoever.

    There is one point in the game where it gives the impression of a morale choice, but as it's one of the objectives anyway you have no choice

  5. I just came to say that I’ve always been into flight games, and always loved Star Wars since I was a kid. I’ve always wanted something to put my skill into and finally it’s here. I’ve already destroyed 2000 fighters and have a 5 kd on dogfight.. and the fact that I still feel I have it in me makes me love this game even more. It’s just what I wanted.

  6. I think the fact that the game is released in full without lootboxes or cosmetic DLC's is great. But I'd love them to release a Battle of Yavin or Battle of Endor campaign add-on somewhere down the line.

  7. The Aviator control layout, or any custom layout that binds pitch/roll on the same stick is BROKEN! Pitch+Roll speed is super slow when you assign pitch and roll on the same stick, but it's full speed when assigned on different sticks (the other first person shooter friendly layouts). This means that anyone who likes traditional flight sim controls will be at a disadvantage because of a bug they won't address. What were they thinking?

  8. Everyone in the steam reviews are crying their eyes out calling the game trash because their particular 20 dollar HOTAS doesn’t have perfect tailored support. So annoying. This is the first great Star Wars game (at launch, of course BF2 is great too) and even career reviewers like Worth A Buy call it terrible because his particular HOTAS doesn’t work exactly right without some tuning.

  9. Okay hear me out. How is this the game that EA chose to not be a live service? Plays like a competitive shooter like R6. Why not continue to add skins and maps year to year and charge idk like 15 dollars for them or something. Out of any game that EA has released this would be the one I would actually spend money on.

  10. Who do I petition for 3rd person mode?

    Also needs

    b wings for rebels, gunboats for imps
    T-wings for rebels, avengers for imps
    Ewing's for rebels, missile boats for imps

    Etc etc

  11. I really enjoyed playing the imperial campaign and as an Ace Combat fan the tunnel mission made me really happy. Hopefully one day we can get a full imperial campaign from current Star Wars. Playing as a "light side" inquisitor in SWTOR was really fun, getting tired of always playing as the rebels/republic. I really want this game to do good and that they take it further, game has great potential and seems like a good start to a series… assuming EA doesn't fuck it over…

  12. I'm only about 4/5hrs into multiplayer. Starting to get to grips… not had many kills but I play the objective a lot.

    But man, when I get a kill…. the fucking thrill of it!!

    This might be the most fun I have had since Bad Company 2 online.
    In fact… I have contacted my old BFBC2 squad… see if we can get the gang back together!!

  13. “This is a discount game”. You are the 2nd dude saying that. Were you told to mention this as part of the narrative? Is it discount bc its not selling for half the monthly rent in a developing country?

  14. I agree completely with the control and movement in this game the flying feels fantastic and responsive. I really love all the cockpit details they added for each ship they all feel like star wars ships.

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