Star Trek: Picard season 2 trailer teases John de Lancie’s return as Q

Star Trek: Picard season 2 trailer teases John de Lancie’s return as Q

The primary trailer for season 2 of Star Trek: Picard was launched Monday, and it’s definitely designed to get followers speaking. There’s no footage from the present but, only a pan throughout varied gadgets within the residence workplace of Jean-Luc Picard: a clock and an hourglass, a portray and mannequin of the starship Enterprise, a duplicate of Milton’s Paradise Misplaced and the Dixon Hill novel The Lengthy Darkish Tunnel. However the actual tease comes on the finish, with a picture of a taking part in card dissolving to depart a telling “Q” behind, and a single line spoken in voiceover by John de Lancie, the actor who performed the highly effective reality-warping alien Q on varied iterations of Star Trek exhibits previous.

The teaser implies that Q goes to return to face off in opposition to Picard, his first Trek foil and favored adversary, when the second season airs in 2022. Much more so, although, the theme of this 63-second teaser appears to be about Picard’s regrets, and the way nothing could be accomplished about “what could have been” — except, that’s, Q presents him an opportunity to alter the previous. The visible emphasis on timepieces, together with Patrick Stewart’s voiceover as collection star Jean-Luc Picard, speaking about “second chances” and historical past, suggests doable timeline shenanigans in season 2.

A lot of Star Trek: Picard’s first season centered on Picard’s emotions of failure and remorse after the Romulans’ home-system star went supernova. He promised them help and resettlement help, however the Federation reneged on that promise, leaving the Romulans to undergo a disaster. Picard stop Starfleet in a fury and have become an exile, and his emotions of betrayal and helplessness drove a lot of the primary season’s often contradictory and troubled plot. It’s doable that season 2 will proceed coping with the fallout of those life-changing occasions, and the way Q’s powers over area and time may change them and let Picard redeem himself. Or the collection may simply let Picard step right into a previous iteration of the present and take care of another person’s issues, because the Star Trek: Deep Area 9 episode “Trials and Tribble-ations” did by putting the solid into the unique Star Trek episode “The Trouble with Tribbles.”

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The place Q is worried, absolutely anything is feasible — together with a DS9 flashback or crossover episode, given yet another mysterious merchandise within the teaser. Sitting in the course of Picard’s workplace for some cause is the traditional Bajoran pill Captain Sisko broke within the DS9 episode “The Reckoning.” It’s unclear what that would imply for the second season — it could possibly be something from a return to Deep Area 9’s plotlines to a throwaway Easter egg for hardcore Trek followers. As a approach of whetting the viewers’s curiosity, although, it’s a wise play. With presumably greater than a 12 months of ready for the subsequent season forward, they’ll want one thing to mull over within the meantime.

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