Game Theory: FNAF, Another Mystery SOLVED!

At the moment Loyal Theorists and FNAF followers, we get able to lock in one other piece of the 5 Nights at Freddy’s puzzle. Bear in mind the terrible brother within the Cunning masks …

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28 thoughts on “Sport Idea: FNAF, One other Thriller SOLVED!”
  1. Wait he isn't wrong… Maybe he is the bite of 87 victim. It would make sense. The phone guy said that the victim survived without the frontal lobe which is impossible normally. But it's once again "I should be dead but I'm not". also he probably forgot that his old name was like Pete probably idk too much ab that. But the fact he forgot through the bite probably is true.

  2. Michael is Terrence because since Terrence was a child murderer he wanted well he needed a disguise so he changed his name to Michael and the crying child is just a fan is just a made-up fan character

  3. I don’t remember if this was canon or not or was this just a cool theory but I do recall someone calling him Terrence I don’t know if this is canon or not that’s a cool theory though maybe that’s Michael’s real name I can I do have my own theory that Michael got his head crushed in side the foxy Emma Tronic vacations of why he always wears a foxy mask but he survived is it gold theory

  4. I possibly know about the question in the book," Do you remember your name," and I would love to tell you if you want!! Its up to you

  5. It reminded me when you said breaking it reminded me of a song specifically Mrs. Afton song

    Diving deeper into madness I can’t take it anymore I am breaking~ I am breaking~ i’m breaking~

  6. Im confused so who is the crying child i thought we left off that the crying child was henrys son and not aftons but now we are back to the crying child not having a name?

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