Game Review - Murder Mystery

Sport Evaluation – Homicide Thriller

Play Homicide Thriller now without cost at In Homicide Thriller, one participant is the killer, one is the sheriff, and everybody else is an harmless. Work out who the killer is and survive their lethal knife!

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30 thoughts on “Sport Evaluation – Homicide Thriller

  1. maxxz i saw your chatting they said to you it foxtrot
    but i dont care you played with me so if i killed you it really
    hard to find you maxxz but i think your my friends in roblox
    today your talk about a murder mestery get i killed a lot peoples
    so thanks maxxz is your message

  2. "Half a million visits in three days? That's gotta say something!" looks at the numerous meme related games and copies of "Town of Robloxia" Mmm, it does indeed say a lot about the roblox community. 😀

  3. This is actually a pretty good replica of the Garry's Mod Version (Only with some name changes, everyone sees footprints, no knife throwing, and no mics). Not saying its good enough, as I couldn't stand not having my mic, but if i didn't have one, I wouldn't tell the difference.

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