Game Reviews The Harry Potter Miniatures Game Review/Rant

Sport Critiques The Harry Potter Miniatures Sport Overview/Rant

That is an out of sequence overview of the Harry Potter Miniatures recreation and the dreadful high quality of the entire costly factor. Sorry concerning the rant however I actually need to get this off my chest

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27 thoughts on “Sport Critiques The Harry Potter Miniatures Sport Overview/Rant

  1. I have seen these miniatures in stores I have been tempted to try and get one of the creatures. I managed to get one for cheap of ebay and its one of the worse minis I have had assemble, the instructions are shite, quality is awful and the mold lines are awful. If these were say £5 then I would not be disgusted but for these minis unless you can get extremely cheap then I would not purchase them

  2. However. The sculpts/ characterisations are really beutiful and do really capture the feel of the films/books.
    Your points about the brital models are totally valid an fair. I bought this for my girlfriend.
    We have had a blast Painting then up. An the game is limited but does capture the feel of the movies very well.
    Two wands broke so far.

  3. Yep I bought the game shame though as for harry OMG some how lost two fingers off his left hand and the right side of his face had a mould line or something took a while to sort out and has for the rest totally agree

  4. I’m not sure if I have a different set then when yours was made but my cards are on card stock, my figures are great, they were hard to glue but then we turned to super glue and now it is great, I’ve had no issues with my bored or anything breaking or being “flimsy” so maybe you just got one of the first boxes, I highly recommend this game!

  5. I mean even when you look at knight models other lines i would rather just buy hero clix I can get like 50 dc or marvel clix for the price of 1 pack from knight models an ya hero clix break to but honestly not as frequently as knight models and their pre painted not great but good enough for a decent tabletop standard

  6. What makes me even angrier is I have a promo snape from early on and hes metal and looks just as good as the resin one I got sooo the only reason why they went to resin was to maximize profits you can probably blame the owner of Harry potter an not knight models for that the license was probably so exspenisve that they had no choice they might not have even made great money off this but a good move for future license deals for them but that may back fire now if people stop buying with bad reviews in the end it's best to support local game company's I understand for some of you knight models is local but for the U.S. there's plenty of great company's that don't distribute crap I like some other foreign company's as well but their price points ehhh yuck! Once you look at shipping I'm buying north America from now on an that's it

  7. Just assembling them I broke several wands and Lord fall apart had some issue where his hand meets his magic shooting out which snapped I fixed it all the best i could 1 wand vanished so 1 of my death eaters will need to be repaired with maybe green stuff or a staple or both not sure how I'm going to do that yet these minis should have been metal or soft plastic like wizards of the coast style

  8. You need to be very delicate cleaning the flashing and mold line before assembly. 2 of my death eater wands are just missing, like they snapped off while someone was sweeping them off a conveyor belt into the box and didn’t even both to give them to me to glue. Not to mention my tin was crunched. This is a $70 game in a $170 disguise.

  9. Completely agree I went "all in" on this game an was very annoyed with the quality. I'm hoping a dull coat will harden them up an protect them from breaking I've also thought about just dipping them in quick shade for model strength but for the price I payed for these seems kind of rotten to have to do that to them I've put them on the back burner for painting because of the quality so let's see if I ever get around to painting them

  10. I was disappointed that they're advertised as painted, but they arive unpainted. The Starwars ships and star trek miniatures were painted and good quality. For the price they bloody should be

  11. Totally agree, got this as a crimbo box, her indoors wants it painted by Christmas, anyway just spent the last two hours cleaning up harry's head the flash totally screwed the right side of his face but its better than it was, as for Hermione very weak at the base had to dig out flash under her chin. I also found flash under Harry's and Ron's cloaked hoods at the tip. thanks for the heads up about the wands. Such a shame never mind will use the crap boards for a few games then I'll start making my own terrain boards, till then keep the vids coming. cheers phil.

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