Spellbreak Update 1.1 Fixes Bugs, Adds Anti-Cheat Measures, And Smooths Out Aiming Issues

Spellbreak Replace 1.1 Fixes Bugs, Provides Anti-Cheat Measures, And Smooths Out Aiming Points

Spellbreak, a free-to-play battle royale the place each participant has an elemental energy to struggle with, has acquired its first main replace. The sport, which launched on PC, Swap, PS4, and Xbox One on September 3, has up to date to model 1.1, and has mounted quite a few bugs and points within the course of.

Replace 1.1 brings a number of fixes to Spellbreak throughout all platforms, in addition to some system-specific modifications for every totally different model of the sport. It does not add any main new options, however as a substitute focuses on tweaking and bettering what’s already there.

“We wanted the focus of this one to be on stability and performance across all of our platforms,” the Spellbreak weblog reads earlier than detailing the patch notes.

The entire patch notes for Spellbreak Replace 1.1 are beneath.


  • The Lighting Bolts spell’s restoration animation can now be interrupted by casting a sorcery.
  • Repair edge case the place reviving or exiling somebody may very well be canceled in an effort to get quicker spell firing.
  • Fastened a problem that brought about projectiles to generally not register harm although they hit.

Purpose Help

  • Smoothed out distinction in intention help power between totally different framerates.
    • This leads to extra constant conduct for all gamers and eliminates benefits that got here from very excessive framerate.
  • Fastened an exploit the place intention help may very well be a lot stronger than supposed underneath sure combos of distance to focus on and enter sensitivity.
    • This meant it was doable for gamers underneath sure circumstances to make their spells extremely straightforward to hit. This was largely clearly seen with the Lightning Gauntlet on PC.
  • Adjusted intention help values for varied console platforms.
  • Purpose help now decreases over distance.
  • Default Look Deadzone setting on Swap is now 0%.
    • That is usually what you need, as a result of deadzones are dealt with by the OS itself.


  • Enabled some additional anti-cheat mechanisms.
  • Recreation mode now robotically swaps to squad after finishing the tutorial.
  • When a participant accepts a celebration invitation whereas already in a match, they will get a UI notification and so they can select to instantly be part of the foyer.
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Home windows fixes

  • Fastened a bug that will trigger some gamers to hold on the preliminary title display screen.
  • Fastened graphics settings getting reset to Extremely in some circumstances, regardless of the sport reporting different values.
  • Fastened a bug that will sometimes trigger very lengthy loading occasions when getting into a match.
  • Fastened a problem the place the mouse wouldn’t come again into focus if the participant was utilizing each a controller and mouse to navigate menus.


  • Fastened circumstances the place gamers would generally get caught with a black display screen throughout a match.
  • Addressed a problem the place gamers could not load right into a foyer with sufficient time to correctly choose their drop portal.
  • Swap Professional and third-party controllers not ship a number of inputs for a single button press.
  • Fastened a bug inflicting gamers to generally be unable to see disrupted participant’s orbs.

Ps 4

  • Fastened subject the place lowest-ping matchmaking area was generally not accurately recognized.
  • Fastened a crash resulting from altering languages within the pre-match foyer.
  • Fastened a black display screen attributable to waking the console up after idling for an hour in relaxation mode.

Xbox One

  • If an Xbox One participant has crossplay disabled of their system settings, Spellbreak will now correctly block all interplay with gamers on different platforms.
  • Current gamers in Spellbreak now populate the latest gamers checklist tied to your Xbox Stay account.
  • Gamers set to “Friendly only” of their communication settings will not have voice chat blocked for his or her Spellbreak buddies.
  • “Ready” button not greys out when becoming a member of a celebration via the Xbox shell.
  • Fastened a crash attributable to returning to the sport after urgent the Dwelling button mid-match.

All Platforms

  • Fastened a netcode subject that resulted in different characters showing to stutter/jitter or in any other case to not replace at full framerate.
    • Notice this additionally brought about “weird” aiming offsets that have been reported the place it felt like your intention was off. Attributable to this, your muscle reminiscence with totally different spells could also be affected!
  • Gamers ought to be capable to work together with issues after being interrupted whereas aiming a rune or sorcery.
  • Gamers ought to not get caught indefinitely on the reconnect display screen after web connectivity had been misplaced and restored.
  • Fastened the infinite loading display screen when getting into invalid account credentials on login.
  • Fastened lacking hit sound impact when your harm is buffed.
  • If the identical Spellbreak account is used to log in to 2 machines on the similar time, the latest login will trigger the early session to abort to forestall information corruption.
  • Controller vibration settings now accurately apply in sport.
  • Fastened points the place merchandise ping indicators wouldn’t draw/replace accurately.
  • Added in translations for some beforehand untranslated textual content.
  • Fastened a bug that would trigger quests to vanish from the primary menu when restarting the sport.
  • Corrected adjective/noun order indicating rarity for latin-based languages on the gathering display screen.
  • Fastened Mana Vault animations getting out of sync with sound and timer.
  • Fastened subject with Mana Vaults the place its items would generally flicker because the participant walked it.
  • Cleaned up some low-resolution textures that would generally seem.
  • Menu / UI sound impact quantity is now correctly managed the related quantity slider.
  • Fastened a crash attributable to repeatedly urgent the affirm button on the squad loading display screen.
  • Fastened cases of shadow popping across the map.
  • Fastened a crash attributable to viewing an merchandise within the retailer whereas the rollover takes impact.
  • Ice Lance ought to not randomly generate a MASSIVE ice bow.
  • Fastened a bug inflicting 2 gamers with random outfits outfitted to reflect each other’s outfits.
  • Fastened a crash attributable to repeatedly exiling your self within the tutorial.
    • Why do you retain hitting your self?!
  • Fastened some chests not being seen on the participant’s shopper.
  • And final however not least, a complete bunch of extra uncommon crashes have been mounted.
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