Sonic Adventure 2 Battle: Butt Rock - PART 1 - Game Grumps

Welcome to the Recreation Grumps lets play sequence of Sonic Journey 2 Battle.
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Recreation Grumps are:
Arin ►
Danny ►


Key: sport grumps sonic

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22 thoughts on “Sonic Journey 2 Battle: Butt Rock – PART 1 – Recreation Grumps”
  1. The first fucking hero mission can be so awesomely, amazing, epic and so on. He can't fucking slide straight, doesn't use the jumps, nothing. "I 100%ed that game!".

    Yeah, 100% bullshit. If you did that, then you wouldn't have forgotten how to do this shit 500%.

  2. This was my favorite game to play as a kid and that confuses me because when I think back to it I never had a console that could play sonic games lol

  3. Dare I ask why Sonic's crotch seems to be texture blurred at about 1:32? I know why that is usually done, I'm just hoping for a different answer this time.

  4. So did anyone else notice when sonic jumps out the plane it looks like there’s a censor bar on his crotch? Guess this is the sonic that Danny reads the fan fiction of. Waiting for him to get his fingerless gloves and pants though

  5. Arin singing Escape from the city or whatever the fuck that song is brings a tear to my eye.
    To love something without remorse and without others in mind is so beautiful.

  6. watching arin miss all of the grind rails and completely butcher the opening surf missing all of the coins and the ramps physically pains me as somebody who played this game over and over again for years. but, at least they played this!

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