Soldier of Fortune: Payback PC Game Review

Soldier of Fortune: Payback PC Recreation Assessment

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Soldier of Fortune: Payback is a first-person shooter online game and the third installment of the Soldier of Fortune recreation sequence. In contrast to the earlier two Soldier of Fortune video games, which had been developed by Raven Software program using the Quake 2 and Quake 3 engines, Payback was developed by Cauldron HQ,developed with Cauldron’s in-house CloakNT engine, used of their earlier first individual shooter recreation, Chaser. It’s the first recreation of the sequence launched for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. The sport was launched on 14 November 2007.

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31 thoughts on “Soldier of Fortune: Payback PC Recreation Assessment

  1. Due to the gore, weapon customization in single player & few small things, when this came out, I tried so hard to like it. The only good thing about this game is looking it up online (to fix its issues on release) I got introduced to SOFII.

  2. 0:34 / 0:42 / 2:42 / 4:15 / 5:30 / 6:32 What's with the iron sights?! Seriously, they couldn't get it right even once!
    2:51 No rear sight! Why does that keep happening in movies, TV shows, and video games?! This came out in 2007, so apparently that trend goes back further than I thought! If you've got a flat-op M-16 or AR-15 with a fixed front sight and no rear sight, you're expected to provide your own sight. Typically, it would come with a folding rear sight as per standard (or it might have a full-length top rail and folding front and rear sights). Why is this so difficult of these laypersons to understand?!
    3:51 Wait, wait, wait. NO! I did NOT just see that! Why does your character press the bolt release before inserting the magazine?!
    5:09 Only rookies, fudds, and idiots reload a shotgun like that. Watch some Paul Harrell videos to see how to do it right.
    5:30 More likely AKMs. Wait, no. Upon further examination, it actually does look like a pre-1959 third-pattern AK (the type typically referred to as an "AK-47"). Apparently, no one told the developers or programmers that no military or security outfit in the world still uses those. At least not a respectable one.
    5:47 This game doesn't understand the concept of "aiming down sights."

  3. Game is bad, but because I played this game a lot as a kid when there was not much video games, it still gives me nostalgia. It was so different from other games that it etched into my memory and I still remember those boss fights vividly.

  4. Cauldron that made this bad and useless SOF wasn't so bad with Chaser. It was a good FPS. Not a masterpiece but decent. Level design was hit and miss but it was ok. It had a nice story and good gunplay. So is not equal to put it with this ugly game.

  5. I’m enjoying this game so far, I’m playing it on Xbox 360. The gore is what got my attention in the end, other than doom 2020 blood and guts used to be such a big part of video games WTF happened. Thank you for the review.

  6. Wow, I actually like this game at the time. I remember I tried to run in on a Pentium 4 with a geforce FX5500 and failed, later on I bought another PC and could finally play, and the graphics was just stunning!

  7. I believe there are legal reasons the gore is worse and less realistic. I remember something about restrictions coming in on videogame gore, perhaps by the ESRB or whoever, after SOF2, which had really pissed them off. Basically that's why ever since SOF2 there has never been a game with dismembering location based damage on realistic human models, and there has definitely never ever once been a game that lets you damage a corpse after it has died, let alone dismember it. I remember that being a specific rule, no interfering with corpses.

  8. PS2 graphics, nah early 360 lifespan ? Pretty much, I really despise people using the PS2 graphics as an valid statement, so you tell me this game looks similar tp Medal of Honor Airborne ?

  9. Yeah well… it is a BAD game… VERY BAD game, but made by little Slovakian studio that made games like Spellcross(1997) and Cabela's Big Game Hunter Pro Hunt… well by that they redeem themselves out of purgatory… for me at least:D

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