Slenderman: The Arrival PC Game Review

Slenderman: The Arrival PC Recreation Evaluation

BUY THE GAME HERE: Slender: The Arrival is a online game developed and revealed by Parsec Productions and Blue Isle …

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32 thoughts on “Slenderman: The Arrival PC Recreation Evaluation

  1. i played amnesia the dark descent and a machine for pigs.
    i played all the penumbra games.
    i played outlast 1 & 2.
    i played layers of fear 1 & 2.
    i played Soma.
    i played blair witch.
    And none of them scared me. In fact, i‘m almost completely unimpressed with most horror games.

    But playing THIS motherfu at night, with the headphones and the lights switch off gives me goosebumps basically for the whole time i‘m playing it. Only game i remember giving me that consistently strong feeling of tension, threat and uneasiness is silent hill 2. But before i dare mentioning this in the same sentence with silent hill 2 again, i duck and run before getting hanged, drawn and quartered by the internet.

  2. the engine is not the problem, It never is, the level of detail on surfaces and models and the time it takes to render these things with shadows on, blame the developers for not optimizing their models.

  3. Aside from the technical stuff, the problem is that this game overuses jump scares – basically, Slendy's only silly power – and laces all of that in completely over-the-top audio cues. I remember when I played the Penumbra and Amnesia, you did occassionally get a barrage of terrifying sound effects, in order to force you subconsciously to run from a particularly deadly enemy, etc. But it was used sparringly. In this game, it seems to accompany every single scare. I can easily imagine how that could get old really quick, and become tedious and tiring instead of frightening.

  4. Why exactly are people so afraid of Slenderman?   Yeah, I've read the creepy pasta but seriously, he's just a skinny dude with no face.   Just pick up a nice thick piece of oak and bash his brains in.   It's not like he'll be able to see it coming.

  5. probably one of the annoying things is the miners tunnel part as how does a abandoned mine has generators that are quite expensive in this day and age just left to rust let alone spades and shovels the main char could use in a fight against that thing chasing you. Also in today's mines when they abandon a mine they seal the entrance with explosives to stop people from hurting themselves and thus sueing the company.

  6. I agree.They did a good job with the graphics(even though it lags) and splendid with the story(where they want to explain it more thoroughly via notes ect.) but it's a tad annoying with the controls and the gameplay.

  7. I agree with you. I don't own this game but watching Markipliers playtrough has given enough information that I can give my opinions.
    Game looks and sounds very good. It has very good atmosphere until the end of the "generator" stage. That hoodie is creepy as hell. Put the atmosphere drops at the end and it feels like the developers just wanted to finish it as quickly as possible and story leaves too many questions.
    And those bugs/glitches, there are many of 'em! This game needs an update…

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