Sled Storm Game Review (PS1)

Sled Storm Sport Evaluation (PS1)

Purchase me Sled Storm…or go to hell! Responsive controls and nice physics MAKE a very good racing sport, the great graphics and and superior soundtrack is simply …

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42 thoughts on “Sled Storm Sport Evaluation (PS1)

  1. I remember playing the demo of this, indeed a good game with responsive steering. Dragula song is friggin awesome.
    But why the hell do I remember girls having bigger butts in this game is beyond me O_O

  2. I was able to run my sled on top of the mountain with the bear. It's ticky to do. It's a glitch. As a kid I remember always trying to get the bear to attack me. He didn't do shit lol

  3. I had a snow mobile game on the PS1, thought it was this at first. Was one of my favorite PS1 games besides Spiderman, and Metal Gear. Turns out it was not this game so I have to go research what the snow mobile game was. *After 5-10 minutes of Google searching the game I played was Sno-Cross Championship racing. I remember it had a sweet track editor, and great graphics.

  4. Stan, I posted this in part of a response to another user, but I'm making it it's own seperate comment.

    Stan, I really appreciate your ability to make consistently entertaining and funny videos. You really have become one of the few gaming related channels I enjoy anymore. But I do have one request.

    Please go back to doing the occasional oddball video. Like when you showed off your "game collection" that consisted of a PS1 demo disk, a board game and like a coloring book or something. That sort of stuff is completely out of left field and always hilarious.

    Also European movie review guy needs to make a comeback for some reason.

  5. When I bought this game, I thought it was wonderful. The graphics, and the actual racing, was awesome. There are some negatives, for instance, you only start out with 6 tracks. You can unlock 7 more, and 2 hidden drivers. 

    Other negatives include the fact that there are not many drivers to choose from, and the the championship mode is bothersome. 

    This game is fun, for a while, but eventually, it makes you sick even to think of playing it again, because there is a total lack of variety. This game is a fun game, but it would have been much better if there were several more tracks, a driver editor, and better music. 

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