Skyward Sword HD's Potential Problem on Switch

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD is coming to Nintendo Swap, but it surely’s lacking a crucial part: the Wii sensor bar. We take a better take a look at why this is perhaps an issue for the sport’s movement controls, and the way the unique model may supply a preview as to the way it might play on Nintendo Swap!
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40 thoughts on “Skyward Sword HD's Potential Downside on Swap”
  1. To everyone saying the game doesn't use the sensor bar: Please watch the video. It does use it, it just isn't required–as we explain in the video

  2. The thing that most people don't seem to realize is that the problem with motion controls in Zelda goes beyond just their overall lack of reliability: 1:1 motion controls just simply don't work very well in video games that are in third-person perspective, where the camera can be rotated or the player can be turned to face the camera. That's why 1:1 motion controls are mostly implemented in VR games nowadays, which, because of the fact that the camera in those types of games are controlled by simply moving YOUR HEAD, almost always opt for a first-person perspective.
    This is also the reason why Red Steel 2, another Wii game like Skyward Sword that used the Motion+ for 1:1 swordplay, didn't get as much hate for it's motion controls because, guess what, IT WAS IN FIRST-PERSON PERSPECTIVE. And the reason why motion-controls work better in FP games is because the camera is always facing the same direction as the player, so it's utterly impossible to create a disconnect between the position of the player's hands and the actions of the player's character.
    Now while you might not have direct control of the camera in SS, you can still turn Link to face the camera, which still creates the disconnect between Link's perspective and the player's.
    So while it is true that 1:1 motion controls can make a game more immersive, that's only if it is already paired with an IMMERSIVE PERSPECTIVE. The only time Zelda games are ever in FPP is when the player is aiming their bow or hookshot. So to simply put, 1:1 sword controls just simply don't have a place in a franchise like Zelda, which is known for being mostly third-person.

  3. Dear Lord please give me an update that will allow me to reassign the buttons . I'm tired of resurrecting Link because everytime I try to roll or throw a bomb I manage to F it up and keep dying.

  4. Maybe you should talk to Gamespot because their review just stated matter of factly that the original Wii version of Skyward Sword was unplayable.

    PS. You were spot on regarding the constant recalibration on the Switch version.

  5. I don't remember having problems with the motion controlls on it, and Im always so suprised when people complain about it, and I even have to remind myself the game was motion controll. I played this game su much, pretty sure I beat it twice on the wii, and it is the game I remeber and not the controller, in my memory they seemed fine, what I remember the most was the dessert, and the boat, specifically that it was so long and boring, one of the worst places to play in the game I seems to remember… when Im writing Im wondering if I played it more than twice… I remember not looking forward to this place… anyway awesome game, and I never had any problems with the motion controls, and when I started to hear people complain so much on youtube several years later I got so suprised.

  6. I didn't have no problems with the wii motion controls i dont know why people complain it was fun as hell never had a problem and im happy to get it on switch in HD and played with joycons

  7. This question has been answered already. The joy con are far more advanced than the Wiimote and even the Wiimote plus and thus there is no need for a sensor bar. I just played Bowser's fury and everytime I needed Bowers jr to do something the cursor was always spot on ready to go and reacting to even the smallest movements

  8. I never had any real problems with Wii controls but for the love of God why isn’t there just a standard button control for this? Swipe the right stick? How will I control the camera? Wtf Nintendo.

  9. Been wondering the same as I enjoyed skyward sword a lot and remember having few issues so I'd prefer to play with motion controls again but will they work all that well just remains to be seen

  10. maybe the game auto-recalibrates every cutscene and with small subtitles/confirmation youre told to lay/move the controller facing the TV.

  11. I set up my joy cons to work with the Dolphin emulator and mapped a button to recalibrate the motion. It works surprisingly well imo, and you should have no problems with a combat or two without recalibrating it. I just emulated the original Wii version, so I just pressed the recalibration button before a combat and it wasn't bad at all.
    Nintendo could do something like have you press a button to unsheathe the sword and use that moment to recalibrate the motion.
    Trying to play it on a Wii without the sensor bar is not a good way to try it because there's no recalibration button, except when you're pointing at a menu

  12. This just wants me to have Twilight Princess on the Switch even more. Never played it on WiiU or GameCube, but felt the motion controls on Wii were perfect for a simple level of extra immersion, and found them really fun and addicting. Having both options on Switch should work nearly flawless. I'm very torn on how Skyward Sword is going to feel using the right joystick to attack. Might feel great and more immersive, or might feel a bit weird. We'll have to wait and see. Here's hoping for a great Zelda 35th anniversary, and we get all the games we are hoping for!

  13. I never got the chance to play Zelda Skyward Sword on my Wii so I'm pretty excited to finally play it on Switch, so I'm not really concerned about the Wii Sensor bar, I know that Nintendo will find something anyways, I'm not worried 🙂

  14. I do hope they find a good solution to this, because the way things are now, I think that the lack of an extraneous piece of equipment is a big part of what makes the Switch so much more user-friendly, as the sensor bar is just one extra thing to keep track of, and without it, you don't have to worry as much about things in the way of it.

  15. yeah people just say the motion controls were unusable today because that's what everyone says. They really weren't as bad as everyone says they were. Never really understood why people had a hard time.

  16. I think some people hated it because you have to swing your Sword in a specific direction to harm an enemy instead of Spamming your sword around like you did in A Link to the Past, Ocarina of Time, etc.

  17. I played SS on my Wii when my sensor bar was broken by lighting 2 candles for the initial calibration and then I'd put them out as you can just hold down on the D Pad or something and it automatically calibrates. I liked doing that specially to play in any position other than sitting up as I'd usually play in bed while hiding from parent post bedtime lol

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