Skater XL - Access Mods and Gear | PS4

Powered by, Skater XL shall be one of many first video games to combine true cross-platform modding. The primary mod drop consists of curated maps and kit, created by modders, simply accessible on PS4 with the push of a button. The primary drop occurs December 2020, with a gentle stream of player-created maps and kit to observe!

Key: find out how to make sure youre participating within the ps5 mannequin of a ps recreation

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29 thoughts on “Skater XL – Entry Mods and Gear | PS4”
  1. At the push of a button? I mean its a videogame isnt it? As if other games actually made you do something else other than pressing buttons, thats some lame marketing. Please fix the horrible mess you just did, this update and the patch that came afterwards just broke the game.

  2. So they just gonna add new maps why can’t they also add multiplayer there’s literally no point why obviously gonna get bored of playing in those maps without multiplayer🤦‍♀️

  3. I really want multiplayer and a map editor, it would be really cool to play with friends and just drop a ramp down so you can skate different things. Or make a full map and play it with friends. The game would be perfect for me

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