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Singularity PC Recreation Evaluation


Singularity is a online game developed by Raven Software program and printed by Activision and launched for Microsoft Home windows, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Singularity is Raven Software program’s third title primarily based on Epic Video games’ Unreal Engine 3. The title was introduced at Activision’s E3 2008 press convention.

Singularity is a first-person shooter with survival-horror components. A principal gameplay machine is an artifact often known as the Time Manipulation Gadget (TMD). The TMD is powered by an E-99 core, and might manipulate time. The TMD can transfer an object backwards or forwards in time, entice one thing and maintain it indefinitely, or ship a pulse of power that may stun or kill enemies. The TMD can solely have an effect on residing beings or objects which were in touch with E-99 (supposedly, virtually every thing on Katorga-12 is imbued with the aspect, however in follow, the TMD can solely have an effect on a restricted set of objects). Some residing beings, just like the Spetsnaz troops who’re lined in heavy armor designed to repel E-99, are immune as nicely.

The TMD can be utilized along side particular energy stations scattered throughout the island that significantly amplify its energy, permitting it to have an effect on objects a lot bigger than it will probably usually management resembling collapsed bridges or shipwrecks.

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49 thoughts on “Singularity PC Recreation Evaluation

  1. Stepbro randomly picked this up used from GameStop and brought it over years ago, as just something cheap and different to check out. Had never even heard of it. Little did we know just how good it would be, maybe slightly exaggerated simply because we both expected it to be shit but it was a genuinely great game.

  2. I remember this game well, played it through multiple times which made me wish they had a new game plus of some kind to keep all the stuff I upgraded/unlocked. I tracked it ever since I got a game informer with a cover story on it so it never left my radar. Funny thing is I hear everyone saying it wasn't well promoted and I'm sure it wasn't but they tried. How do I know? I shit you not I saw it on those ad spaces they had on the side of buses here. Not the best way to do it but hey, they at least tried what they could in the short gap of time they had after building it from the ground up in 7 months.

  3. Hi! I’ve seen a lot of previews telling that this game is not a very good game, bioshock copy etc… I bought it 5€ on Steam. And seriously, it is a good game ! Original, good sound design, good story. What’s more ? Play it, you will not regret. So underrated !!!!!

  4. time travels are my favorite genre in movies, books and games, on this game i send u all an idea for singularity 2. Singularity 2 can be like the half life 2 of singularity, the history wich is best for a sequel is the one u, renko, kill both of the ending characters. With this ending u dissapear, there u have a mistery, and regain part of united states, the people call this guy the hand of god. Ok, with this timeline on a sequel u will live a world almost conquered by the soviet union, there is a mistery of who kill the dictator and the scientist; at the same time the character wich is a mistery can control mutants, and if im not wrong part of russia and china exploded, the mutants are in the continent too. Thats really really interesting if you are gonna do a timeline, we can travel from 1955 to 2019, 10 years after the other game, we can explore the formation of the group with 12 in the name i dont remember right now, in the present timeline they are more powerfull.
    Imagine travelling from the 50s to the 70s, live the rise of this fictional soviet union, explore the time travels of renko, maybe we can help the original renko to stop himself (the one who fail but write everything in singularity 1) ending on a paradox knowing this renko will fail but not the next one (who were you on the first game)

  5. Just finished playing this game, I remember when I was 11 seeing the February 2009 game informer issue for the first time, seeing this game, I was just enthralled by it's aesthetic and presentation. Now 10 years later I FINALLY GOT TO PLAY IT. I game shared on steam with a friend of mine and found out he had it in his huge ass library. After all these years, finaly playing, my god was it good. Definitely has that vibe of "bargin bin 2010 shooter" but it's so good and had such a good concept. The combat especially towards the end was non stop the most fast paced "combo building" feeling chaining of abilities in a game I've ever felt in any FPS, by that point you really know how to use the TMD to it's absolute maximum potential and you begin to feel unstoppable. such a badass power trip. The alt history soviet union with all the sci fi and albeit weak horror elements; makes for a perfect game for the person I am at 20. I'm glad I played it 10 years later, I don't think I would have enjoyed it as much when I was 11

  6. Your review made me discover the game. Wich is a shame as Raven Software developped some of my favorite fps of all time (Star Trek Elite Force, Jedi Knight Outcast & Academy, and the very underrated Wolfenstein 2009 (wich have many similtarities with Singularity).
    I've just finished the game and even if it was a little too short and too easy, it was a very good game.

  7. Saw this review, bought and played game… it was meh.
    Best parts were those, where i got back in time and fought the Soviet soldiers. Everything else was just by the numbers ok shooter with ok powers and ok story.
    Wolfenstein 2009 was better in my opinion.

  8. I remember seeing the previews for this game and thinking it looked good but I dont know if I feel like paying for it when theres other good choices out. But now that its been a few years, and Ive seen this review, Im seeing how great this game looks, not perfect but worth the time and money. Im so excited to play this even though I overlooked it when I shouldnt have.

    Thank you once again, Gggmanlives! I love your channel!

  9. This was without a doubt one of the most under appreciated FPS games I have ever played. I absolutely loved it and couldn't fault it other than length. Totally agree with you on pretty much every point.

  10. This game was awesome. Normally, I don't get care about the story but this game had me hooked. The graphics were good, the weapons were amazing, many of the environments were detailed, it was suspenseful, the enemies were creative, the boss fights were entertaining, the puzzles did not affect the pacing, the atmosphere was terrific, the TMD was a fine addition and the whole mix of sci-fi, action and horror was brilliant. I agree that it should have been longer and even more variety with the weapons, enemies and environments would have made this one of the best games around. As it stands, it is still easily one of my favourite single player FPS experiences.

  11. Agreed. The fact that this game isn't at least as popular as Bioshock is a crime. Yes, it's too easy. Yes it should be longer. But like you said, despite that, it's still super fun and it has enough unique things to discover and beautifully detailed scenery that you can look past that and still really love playing it. Even at double the length I'd want more.

  12. I'm glad I'm not the only one that remembered this game. I actually have really fond memories of this game. I played it when I was just getting into games and I remember thinking this was a horror game based off of the first level and found it so creepy. Not so much anymore though. I played Titanfall 2 Ealier this month and I was really surprised when I got to a part that seems directly inspired by this game and I had so much fun with it.

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