Sega Master System - All Great Sports Games (Review)

Sega Grasp System – All Nice Sports activities Video games (Assessment)

Nice Baseball 0:01 — Nice Basketball 3:14 — Nice Soccer 5:17 — Nice Golf 7:06 — Nice Ice Hockey 9:19 — Nice Soccer 10:49 — Nice Volleyball 12:39

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16 thoughts on “Sega Grasp System – All Nice Sports activities Video games (Assessment)

  1. Is your name Tony? Because you really seem to love the word "GREAT!!!" Corny jokes aside, I like your video. I might pick Great Baseball. A lot of these games look like they could be fun.

  2. I always thought it was strange that Super Tennis isn't called Great Tennis, it really looks like it is part of the series. Most of these games are a bit simple, but not too bad. Not great either.

  3. 8:05 – Its common to grab some grass and let it drop to try and gauge the wind direction. I think thats what the character is doing there…

    Great Golf is a good game if you know how to play or understand golf.

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