Reviewing My Subscribers' Games [ROBLOX Game Review]

Reviewing My Subscribers' Video games [ROBLOX Game Review]

it is a christmas miracle! rika takes a take a look at a bunch of video games by his followers, all submitted on the twitter dot com. there u go thats ur current GAMES FEATURED: …

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50 thoughts on “Reviewing My Subscribers' Video games [ROBLOX Game Review]

  1. merry chungus everyone !!!!! wanted to get this out yesterday, just in case people would be away with the family today or something, but that didn't pan out, so…take it today! hopefully before yall gotta do stuff. or after. dont forget my precious video bro ………nah but for real doe thanks for sticking with me this year bros and HOPEFULLY see you in a week for the year in review?? i still havent even started on it but.. hopefully that'll be a thing. yeahhhhhh time for the songs used

    Earthbound OST – Choose a File
    Kevin Macleod – Carefree
    Föllakzoid – II
    Macintosh Plus – リサフランク420 / 現代のコンピュー
    Electric Specter – Holographic Snowfall

    KINREK – "Dark?"


  2. So yeah, thank you for reviewing my game (Small Railway)
    I am also really impressed that you played with the Thomas Trackmaster sets or even the Wooden Railway sets when a baby

    I saw this video when it came out and commented, but I don't think you saw it because… Well… My Roblox username doesn't match my channel name
    I also deleted and replace with this :T

  3. Train drivers are required by federal law to sound the horn for safety reasons. 2 toots before they start moving foreword, 3 toots before they start moving backward, and 1 toot after they've stopped moving. If the train is approaching a grade crossing (or railroad crossing as known by most), the horn must be blown in this pattern: long, long, short, long. The last long toot needs to be long enough so that the horn is still blowing when the front of the leading locomotive actually crosses the paved street.

  4. I can't believe he gave a literal baseplate who somehow is extremely broken somehow even though it has nothing but gave it a good rating but didn't play Rainways game without even playing it.

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