Review Games Students LOVE | Elementary, Middle, and High School

Review Games Students LOVE | Elementary, Middle, and High School

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45 thoughts on “Review Games Students LOVE | Elementary, Middle, and High School

  1. Plickrs is something I have used, especially if you don't technology for all of your students. You will need to download the free app, but my students enjoyed it. You can also purchase the cards or print them out.

  2. I love watching your videos BTW, I am a Jeopardy maker for review. Even made a board one time, now just play with point value cards, 50 pts equals harder questions. Kids loved it and then there is math to add your points up.

  3. We play FWOP and the kids ask for it all the time. It is a very simple game requiring only a bunch of questions and a flyswatter for each group. I usually group the kids into two groups, but it can easily be done with four as well. Here are the basics – each team gets a flyswatter and the kids in each group line up single-file. When the question is asked, the first person to FWOP the flyswatter onto the desk or table gets to answer. If you have four groups, students can answer on a whiteboard or whisper the answer. If they get it right, their team gets a point. If they get it wrong, the other team gets the chance to "steal" the point by answering correctly. I allow the other team 15 seconds to discuss and then the one answer I take is the one spoken by the player with the flyswatter.

  4. My kids go NUTS over jeopardy! I split my class into 3-4 groups, and I use a basic jeopardy template to set up the questions. Each group gets the ability to pick a question and they have 30 – 60 seconds to discuss and answer. If they miss, the next team can steal for more points. It is so great for differentiation based off of the "value" of the questions and they get so excited about competing with each other!

  5. We had a day out at the pool, so I thought it would be appropriate to play Sink or Swim with my class. It did not go very well…
    But on the bright side, I have less students to deal with now.

  6. Awesome video! I use Jenga and Kahoots in the classroom. I'm going to try using trashkeball soon. Great ideals! Thank you! U R AWESOME! Question: I would like to play Clue in my classroom. Any suggestions on how that could work? Thank you again. Jim W

  7. I am not a teacher yet but I plan on studying how to be one in the near feature but in my high school foreign Lang class we play a spelling game called sparkle where everyone stands up or sits on the desks and we are given a word to spell. Then each person in the row, line or whomever is next says one letter of that word if the word is completed by that row the next person can say sparkle then the person next to them is out. If anyone says the wrong letter or does not say a letter within the time given they are also out and the word will counting with the next person in line

  8. One app that seems unlikely to be a good review thing is goose chase. It might not work well for you, but it’s basically a scavenger hunt. We did it in Spanish club and all the directions were in Spanish! There might be a way you could do it outside or something like that.

  9. Gimkit is an awesome online review game. It’s like Quizzizz but you earn money per question and can buy upgrades to earn more money and power ups that you can use against other players. You can do it individually or teams. It’s really fun!

    *Everyone needs a device like a chrome book or laptop.

  10. This was great to watch, thanks Michelle! I will definitely incorporate Grudgeball into my middle school social studies class! As a sports guy, it suits my personality! I prefer review games to any kind of boring, ordinary review. I prefer Quizizz to Kahoot, though. From my personal experience, Kahoot gets a little too competitive and actually causes students to focus more on speed and they actually don’t truly focus on the review as much. I like that Quizizz is more to their pace, they can focus on the questions more, and there’s still a leaderboard for a “gamified” competition!

  11. 2/3 of my teachers plays trashketball. She actually uses her trash can just takes the garbage bag off. She has a bunch of balls ⚽️ and has us shoot with one. My math teacher uses a mini trash can and paper wads. My Language arts teacher plays color Jenga and kahoot too.

  12. I'm not a teacher yet, but one thing I'm excited about is creating my classroom library. If you could do a video (or even comment) what are some of your top picks to have for read-alouds, or other books to have in the classroom?

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