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“Beavers are a keystone species- that’s, their presence and actions are so vital to an ecosystem that their removing
results in a lack of habitat for different species and a breakdown of ecological integrity.”

—Dave Foreman, Rewilding North America, 2004

Beaver swimming

The beaver, Castor canadensis, is the most important rodent in North America. Beaver are industrious engineers that choose sure woody species of vegetation for meals and building of their dam lodges, which they use for shelter and meals storage. Use of woody species for meals and shelter modifies streams and surrounding woodlands. Modification typically improves the well being of essential life-giving riparian areas. By damming rivers, beaver create nonetheless water ponds which enhance the quantity of water in a given space by permitting water to filter into the bottom, thus, elevating the water desk, recharging aquifers, and bettering water high quality downstream. Dams may help rehabilitate areas the place vegetation has been broken, whereas additionally bettering habitat for fish, amphibians, invertebrates, birds, and enormous land mammals. Beaver additionally present a helpful fur useful resource for people.

Apart from the advantages beaver present to the ecosystem, they will also be a detriment to people coexisting in the identical habitat. Dam constructing can harm close by lands by inflicting flooding, tree reducing, financial institution burrowing, and crop destruction. In Alaska, beaver are shifting additional north as habitat modifications and entry to woody vegetation will increase. Complaints in Alaska usually relate to flooding throughout spring break-up, rising giardia within the water provide, and reducing entry to conventional subsistence fishing areas by altering water circulate traits of streams.

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For normal data on
beaver (PDF 38 kB),
go to the Wildlife Pocket book Sequence.

Residing in Concord . . .

Beaver dam

More often than not, beavers and people dwell in concord.

  • Beavers create wetland habitat for different wildlife like birds, fish, bugs, amphibians and different mammals.
  • Beaver dams assist cut back erosion and sedimentation in rivers and streams.
  • Beavers present a helpful fur useful resource.
  • Beaver ponds create numerous aquatic ecosystems.
  • Beavers can present helpful habitat for endangered animals and vegetation.
  • Beavers can present pure irrigation ponds.

Residing in Battle . . .

  • Beaver dams may cause flooding of crops and roads.
  • Beavers can unfold illness, for instance, giardia in ingesting water.
  • Beavers may cause harm to forests and landscaping.
  • Beavers can dam irrigation canals stopping water from flowing to farmland.
  • Beavers can undermine dams and roads constructed by people.
  • Beavers may cause issues for some endangered vegetation and animals.

Stopping Injury executed by Beaver

Fallen tree chewed by beaver

It’s attainable to regulate harm executed by beaver. A few of the management strategies are:

  • Putting in fences and boundaries round culverts, drains, constructions and timber to maintain beavers away.
  • Portray timber with a sand and paint combination that daunts beavers from chewing the timber.
  • Utilizing electrical fencing to discourage beavers from staying in an space.
  • Utilizing electrical shock within the pond to repel the beaver.
  • Eradicating small timber and woody vegetation that beavers eat to make a spot undesirable to them.
  • Plugging water drainage.
  • Eradicating their dams might encourage beavers to maneuver elsewhere.
  • Putting in a beaver pond leveler, three-log drain, or different gadget to take care of desired water degree.
  • Capturing and relocating the beavers.
  • Capturing or trapping the beavers.


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