Game of Thrones - Season 8 Review

Recreation of Thrones – Season 8 Assessment

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Chris Stuckmann critiques Recreation of Thrones Season 8.

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48 thoughts on “Recreation of Thrones – Season 8 Assessment

  1. People are like i get it she did some effed up shit throughout the series which show she is also mad but not that much. But forget about ned beheading a nights watch guard, Sansa looking at Ramsey while he is being eaten alive, Arya being a serial killer. Thats what medeival kings and queems were like they killed the criminals amd people they didnt liked. Why Dany had to be mad and get killed at first place? Her arch was amazing throughout the seasons. Her beibg a vulnerable girl then a women and then being mother of dragons and leading contender for the Iron Throne.

  2. Two kids tossing stones at baker:
    Baker: hey you kids I’m gonna get you:
    Third kid that was waiting by bread table to steal bread:
    Bran: Hey, I saw that. I’m the 3 eyed raven

  3. Pretty much universally hated on the same vein of the Star Wars sequels. It's a very tough sell to try and convince someone that it was good, you have to take multiple leaps of faiths.

  4. The showrunners just didn't do the work to make the characters' actions make sense and be interesting.

    Way too many things were uninteresting or didn't make sense… or both. Bad combo. Bad bad bad bad bad.

  5. I'm new to the show (just finished it recently) and I agree with everything said it. It still deserves praise for everything it did and I can defend season 7 (despite some odd choices) but season 8 was so rushed. It's a shame. Kudos to everyone who enjoyed it….but I'm in the camp of disappointment.

  6. I'd emotionally decoupled from the show over season 6 and 7 so didn't rush to see season 8 especially after the reviews. So I think that's why the disappointment of it wasn't at a Prometheus level for me.

  7. I feel like there's still a glimmer of hope -> Bran wakes up and we realize it was all a vision – of what was to come if Dany wasn't warned/stopped or whatever. HBO still has a chance to correct that horrid way to end a season.

  8. Not sure why I just came across this, but I did the same thing where I decided to finally dive into this show the week series 8 premiered. I basically watched a season a week so I could catch up in time for the finale. It was definitely a great way to watch it, not having to backtrack and remember what had happened in earlier seasons. I knew some spoilers like the red wedding, but also didn’t know who characters were when I got those spoilers, so nothing was really ruined for me. But I also was not at all surprised when the episode w Daenerys and the dragons because she’d been alluding to that the whole time… I agree though that it did feel suuuuper rushed.

  9. Here’s what I believe will happen in the books:
    1. Arya’s whole storyline will be about revenge and she’ll get to kill most of her enemies but by the end of the road we’ll see her become an evil person, because that’s what the road of revenge leads you too
    2. Sansa will become a manipulative bitch(like Cersei) and will separate the North just like in the show
    3. Bran WILL become the king of the 6 kingdoms, but in the books he will be the manipulator, he’ll be the one sending people to certain positions so everything will lead to an ending where Jon becomes king but by the end Jon dies and Bran is the only legit option left
    4. Jon will be the one to lead the living into the long night, and he’ll be the one to save them, but at a great cost… he’ll have to become the Azor Ahai and kill Daenerys as a sacrifice so he can stop the Walkers
    5. Dany will lose so much that she’ll start changing a lot from the Dany that we used to know, but she won’t go mad, she’ll just change enough for us to feel sad for her and then see her get killed by Jon as a sacrifice
    6. Jaime will die on Cersei hands, right after he chokes the life out of her
    7. Tyrion will be the only one with kind of a happy ending, but he’ll change a lot, from the smart mouth who loved the game of thrones to the guy who’s smart enough to avoid it and just live his life away from the drama.

  10. Upto season 7 they unveil how to kill night walkers. Then at the beginning of season 8, when all brilliant minds together in a room to discuss how to fight the night walkers… They had the dragon stones, the fire witch and dragons. Dragons!

    But they just decided to…

    All infantries and cavalries charge first to the night walkers. Fuck arrows and catapults, we don't need it to fight undead army than can reanimate any of their fallen soldiers. Great strategy from brilliant minds!

    Yeah, that moment i knew that this season would be total disappointment.

  11. My BF insisted on me watching this show. I finally did, 2020. I was invested on it, the episodes made me want to watch the next one. The last season and the last episode just made me completely forget how good it was.

  12. Obviously ik this video is based off the creators opinions, but I actually like how bran got King. Bran did contradict himself by saying he doesn’t want to be lord of winterfell bc he’s too busy checking the past opposed to the present. But I think bran is a good candidate because obviously he’s got the best judgement out of everyone via him know the past and present so it should be fairly easy for him to predict the future and make the right choices. That’s all good and all but the thing that makes bran so special is, he’s the 3 eyed raven; his best interest is in the realm and when the current 3 eyed raven dies someone else becomes one. When Danny was talking about breaking the wheel, she would’ve broke it for good or worse but it would’ve restored itself and the wheel would start up again. Since you don’t have to be born from the same house or even highborn now, the best candidates can be picked. This means that as soon as bran dies there is a follow up, a new 3 eyed raven to lead Westeros and with this new cycle there will be very minimal blood shed. I wish they did a lot more character development for bran though, because right now we don’t really know much about him, I assume the writers wanted it to be like this, since he serves the realm he has very little personal interests which means he doesn’t really have much to talk about or feelings; but it makes him seem uninteresting.

  13. The show felt useless, the whole time watching everyone was rooting for Danny and John. At the end John kills Danny bc she went mad, and John gets sent to the wall. The problem with this is john slowly rose up and spent his whole life defending and helping others and when a protagonist does this I want the guy to get something back for all his effort. In the show you can see the slow build up of John learning and you can see how he’s consistently had the same goal through the whole show. At the end when all is said and it, he’s just thrown back to the wall deeming all that he went through virtually useless. Also the decent for Danny to go in to madness was to fast, I understand that as soon as Danny got a little bit of power she became ravenous but for the whole show her goals were pretty straight forward, it’s just weird how she got so diluted so fast. Also why was Sansa continuously trying to mess up John from leading, it was very annoying bc it’s like she forgot how undermining gets people killed.

  14. I've read 5 books, then watched all 8 seasons, and even in season 7 it starts falling off the rails. basically, since Sept of baelor explosion, Tyrells are gone (at least as Lannister ally), series never used Martels in any meaningful way, which kinda left Lannisters on their own. Suddenly they were left with no twists to do and the ones they did felt rushed. Also, some character arcs are terrible (the whole Martel family is mostly forgotten altho they felt very distinguished in books, White walkers are basically zombies used for 2 battles, god damn Sparrows are awful) but some are much better than books (Brienne, Jon Snow being Targaryen feels much smoother then book development, at least until it doesn't). The ending is annoyingly disappointing. I'm having serious trouble buying into Daenerys insanity, mainly cuz that feels weak choice for a character that took all the hard choices and persevered. But that meeting where they pick the king is bs on its own. no matter who they picked, ending 8 years of tension with a vote felt terrible. I didn't mind the choice, Sansa cared only about the North, Arya cared about travels, Tyrion had enough of the throne, Jon was too obvious (and yes vetoed by unsullied lol) and all the rest are just supporting cast. which leaves Brann, who is greatly underutilized since he became connected to the world itself, but he was continuously built up throughout the series but forgotten until the end 😛
    ps. sry for the rant xD

  15. I would tell people that Game of thrones is my first love, i counted days and weeks after each season to come out. I loved Arya and Tyrion. I understand Danny behavior what Cersei and the news of Jon snow being the real heir to the throne did was a great blow to her self image and it push her to the edges. At that moment it didn't really matter that she had win she wanted to purge the whole places to take back mind that she had lost in sense. Bran is just a mess for me, he had this great gift and doesn't use it much which make really thing about he really sat back and waited for it to happen. I predicted that Jon snow was going to killed Danny before the finally, just based on what he stood for. what they were attempting to do with the night king was trying to make him more scary because you didn't know what he had in store. I loved they way Arya killed him i thought it was well thought out on her part and calculated on her part, I was shock about Jon snow fate it felt like he did a 360 in his life ending it right were it all began for him. Overall i loved the show.

  16. Agree with all your points! Wish you bashed the battle of winterfell too. The strategy involved seemed completely backwards. Charge light calvary first, siege weapons infront of infantry and everyone in front of your fire moat, and archers are too far back to do anything until the dead were already close. I dont get it.

  17. Books Bran is still pretty interesting. He's a cripple studying magic in an isolated land far to the north, being taught by a 150 year old tree dude and some elf-druids, is being guarded by an undead elk riding half zombie who may or may not be his uncle and has possibly unknowingly cannibalized one of his companions.

  18. You are not taking into account that every episode was 20 minutes or so longer…. I loved it and when Dany went nuts. I totally understood it. Ruling the Iron throne without the closest people who brought her there I can see how in the moment she went psycho. Bran; I agree with everything you said. Jon should have remained King of the North. That is my only disagreement with the writers…. Thanks for your breakdown.

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