Ranking Sokpop Games #17-32 (Sokpop Season 3 + 4 Reviews) Two Left Thumbs

Rating Sokpop Video games #17-32 (Sokpop Season 3 + 4 Opinions) Two Left Thumbs

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I’m an enormous fan of what Sokpop does! They’re a collective of indie devs making 2 video games per 30 days, that they fund by way of their Patreon. As a patron you get every sport because it releases for under $3 a month.

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I have been which means to rank and evaluation these for a very long time, and with the brand new addition of Sokpop seasons, the two yr anniversary, and being added to Steam, now felt like the proper time!

Season #3
soko loco
Oh Crab!
frog struggles

Season #4
kraken’s curse
capy hoky
penguin park 3d
kart youngsters

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“Funkorama” by Kevin MacLeod (
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9 thoughts on “Rating Sokpop Video games #17-32 (Sokpop Season 3 + 4 Opinions) Two Left Thumbs

  1. Hey, two left thumbs. Over that last few months, ive been looking in deltaryne for stuff that could be used in theories. Feel free to use them.
    1. In the concept art of the fun gang, ralsei is called asriel, Kris can talk and smile and has what looks like dust in their hair.
    2. The narrator's personality on the save screen changes once you've beaten the game.
    3. There are alot more changes then people think between no mercy and pacifists. The darkeners are afraid of you, and say how they're scared.
    4. On the surface, Kris has charas colour scheme. In the dark world, he has frisks.
    5. There is not a single mention of determination anywhere in Deltarune.
    6. After going to the dark world, and returning to the surface, the sky IS darker. This could mean the quest was failed.
    7. Sans is the only returning charectar who looks the same as they did in Undertale.
    8. The king and jevil seem to be the only charectors who know about the knight.
    9. The King repeats alot of the things Susie says at the start of Deltarune.
    10. There is actually evidence that the Dark World isn't Kris playing a game. This is that you're taken their when you go to sleep in bed, meaning someone/something must have bought you there.
    11. there is not a single dog in the dark world. Perhaps it's because Toby wasn't it's creator? ^cough^ gaster ^cough^.
    12. It's actually unknown whether the dark fountain was closed at the end of Deltarune, and the balance of light and dark shouldn't be able to be kept anyway. This is because there seems to be no fountain at the surface. What more, in the prophesy and the background at the end of deltarune, susie, ralsei and Kris close it together. In the game though, only Kris and Susie do it.
    13. More on the fountain: despite being dark it emits light, you can see clubs, diamonds, spades hearts and the deltarune inside it.
    14. The fountain only becomes dark when you use light with your soul.
    15. I'm pretty sure you can hear gasters theme in the music while using it.
    16. On the top of toriels house, there's a deltarune symbol. In normal undertale, it represents an angel who makes them all leave. It also has 3 triangles. Its pretty much excepted that they represent asriel, frisk and chara. 1 points down while 2 point up. The two that point up represent frisk and chara, who leave which is it why they point up. The one that points down represents asriel, who stays behind. In deltarune, however, the roles are reversed; Kris, a combination of frisk and chara, stays behind while asriel goes to college. This is why the triangles point the opposite way on toriels house.
    17. The normal deltarune also still makes sense in the dark world. This is because it's Kris and Susie who leave (frisk a pacifist and Susie a genocider) and asriel who stays behind.
    18. Only Kris goes to the egg room when you go. Could be because faster only cares about Kris or something.
    19. More of an undertale one but nvm. We are never told what experiment
    20. The personality of the narrator seems to be slightly different than in Undertale. There's less jokes and such. Off the top of my head, even though there's a cactus that you can inspect in the Dreemurr residence, the only comment is something like "not much to say about it" instead of Undertale's "truly, the most tsundere of plants." Makes you wonder who the narrator is.
    21. Toby fox said that *if you do a PACIFIST ROUTE your characters are still happy and the same as they were*. This means deltarune could be post genocide.
    22. Despite the fact you "can't choose who you are in this world" the charectors still all change their routes. Susie becomes pacifist, Kris becomes very genocidey and ralsei learns that no mercy isn't always bad.
    23. In some card games, aces are the weakest while in others they're the strongest. I feel this could be why lancer is an ace of spades: they're really weak sometimes, but can otherthrow the king at other times.
    24. Other thing on lancer: they're extremely lonely, and always on their own. Just like an ace.
    25. In deltarune, the friendship bracelet thing could mean that someone else has been in the world before and left it behind. This is because there is no one in the game who it could of belonged to.
    26. In the battle against Jevil, he is unable to make a pun to warn you about diamonds and spades.
    27. The guitar used when you're leaving the dark world seems to be from homestuck. Listen to it and homestuck megalovania.
    28. Despite gasters importance, there is nothing like the fun value.

    That's it.

  2. Thank you for putting this together and condensing it to such a quick video, wonderful work.
    One thing I didn't like was the black frames between some of the gameplay clips.

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