Rage PC Game Review

Rage PC Recreation Evaluation

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Rage is a first-person shooter online game developed by id Software program. It makes use of the corporate’s id Tech 5 sport engine. Launched in October 2011, the sport was first proven as a tech demo on June 11, 2007 on the Apple Worldwide Builders Convention (WWDC), and was formally introduced on August 2, 2007 at QuakeCon. On the identical day, a trailer for the sport was launched by GameTrailers.

The sport is ready in a post-apocalyptic close to future, following the influence of the asteroid 99942 Apophis on Earth. The sport has been described as much like the film Mad Max 2 and to video video games resembling Fallout and Borderlands. Influences on the driving and racing gameplay embrace video games resembling MotorStorm and Burnout. Gamers can improve their automobiles with racing certificates received from races. Upon its launch, the sport had acquired truthful praises from critics and reviewers.

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33 thoughts on “Rage PC Recreation Evaluation

  1. 100% agree with you with your opinions of the game! The combat is boring and repetitive, the textures are ugly, the story and characters are alright I guess, and at the end of the day, it had so much potential, and what we got was not bad, but not very good either.

  2. Why does driving in most FPS games always have to be done Halo-style when Half-Life 2-style is better? At least give us the option to switch views (like in some S.T.A.L.K.E.R. mods).

  3. Have to agree and disagree, If your not looking for some religious experience from it or your not some game snob like most people today who all think that every game needs to be this and have that and is just a fun game then why not. I like the game for what it is and not for what its not. Its a lot of fun to just run around and shoot stuff. Especially on sale right now it 2 bucks and 7 bucks with the DLC on steam. I played doom when it first came out and it was EVERYTHING you said was bad about this game but EVERYONE bought it because the team who made doom created this one then everyone is shocked its not like some other games?..LMAO I just think its funny and everyone's entitled to there own opinions I just think its ridiculous to compare games to each other when you should be just trying the game on its own merits and is it fun which at the end of the day is what games were meant to be.

  4. 1. im biased, i love it. great shooter, especially for its time. played it to death.

    2. there are more than two enemy types so I feel as if he's not really paying attention. there are large, boss type enemies you face that he doesn't give any recognition to.

    3. the AI is one of the most interesting i had ever seen at that point, diving into cover and away from grenades they do sit in cover in many instances but they often surpising you with their behaviour when you mix things up. sometimes an enemy will continue charging at you for two second after you had already killed them as if their body had yet to get the message from their brain that they were dead and should fall down.

    4. this game had NO ENDING. the story was terrible and it was apparent that they meant to do more but ran out of time in developing and producing the game. the fact that he doesn't mention this is troubling…

    5. on the game came out it was jaw dropping beautiful on consol and still is beautiful in its unmodified form.

    if you want a fun shooter that doesn't take itself too seriously and is entirely without pretension, with some RPG and crafting elements, try Rage

    I have played it through more times than i can count, the most enjoyable being on nightmare difficulty with a no-gun run. between wing sticks, crafting and serrated knuckles you can easily beat the vast majority of the game without firing a single bullet.

  5. Overall this was a pretty good game. The only thing that was a bit of a mood killer was everything about the driving like the races and game modes. At first it was fun, but over time it became pretty boring for me.

  6. I really liked this game, but I played it at least a year after it came out so I wasn't expectign the kind of genre-redefining work that a portfolio that included Doom and Quake might suggest.

    It was a great looking game with decent characters and solid shooting mechanics underpinned with a nothing of a story. As far as I was concerned, its biggest problem was hiring Claudia Black and then having her voice the woman that runs the races. She's down in a basement and you only talk to her to get on the racing circuit. Total waste of one of my favorite voice (and regular) actors.

  7. I liked the ranged enemy ai, they would try to surround you sometimes, at others if you are killing them fast enough and moving aggressively they will try to retreat, and it really does make you feel like a total badass

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