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Rad – Inside Gaming Assessment

Chances are you’ll or could not hear “it’s a rougelike” a couple of instances. Solely the best video games journalism right here. Thanks Double Positive for offering evaluate entry to the sport!

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36 thoughts on “Rad – Inside Gaming Assessment

  1. NSA spying confirmed!
    Doom rouglike? Interesting. Let me type it in yt…… DOO…… Doom rouglike automatically pops up…
    I could of been searching for scrappy DOO clips….

  2. Question! There are several skull-looking objects on the map that seem to have an open mouth, they appear on the mini-map so they must be important right? Does anyone know how to use them? Do you need a specific Exo or is it something I'm just not getting? I've tried ground pound, the x+square move, everything. Anyone know?

  3. “It feels good to play” nope! Can’t cancel inputs, you have to wait for animations to finish, a handicapped dodge roll and cheap, salty as hell hits from enemies. I played Dead Cells before this which is why it was so obvious to me.

  4. Even combined 22 hrs of gameplay is barely enough for a competent review. What the hell. I think the game looks great don’t get me wrong though. Just call it for what it is, a first impressions.

    For example if you beat dead cells once, you have just scratched the surface. But depending on your skill and experience, it could take you a ton of time to beat the first time.

  5. 9:50 try comboing 2 mutations by pressing both at the same time. There are a lot of mutation combos that the game doesn't tell you about (combos are one of those hidden things the game doesn't talk about but they probably should

  6. there is much more to this game than what the reviewers have encountered. eg; there are warps that will transport you to the next world and also other nodes that you can hit that will change one of your current mutations to a new random one.

  7. Roguelikes… You either love or you hate them. One thing is for sure however. Every great roguelike has started out pretty trash and has had some pretty stellar updates that made them classics in their own right. Think of a great rogue like. It released as trash.

  8. guys, i'm gonna say this hear and now, find a way to condense these reviews, because them being almost a half hour long is kinda ridiculous, you guys are no Angry Joe, like him or hate him, he at least puts on a performance for that amount of time, while this video has alot of rambling about stuff.

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