Puppet Combo's Newest Horror Game is OUT! | Murder House (Part 1)

Puppet Combo's Latest Horror Sport is OUT! | Homicide Home (Half 1)

Puppet Combo’s Latest Horror Sport is OUT! | Homicide Home (Half 1) – Homicide Home is the longest Puppet Combo recreation thus far! PS1 type survival horror – Clock Tower crossed with Silent Hill wrapped up as an inexpensive 80’s slasher

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36 thoughts on “Puppet Combo's Latest Horror Sport is OUT! | Homicide Home (Half 1)

  1. I know in alot of horror games when hiding
    it's always scripted once at the beginning,
    so the player got a chance what it feels with out dying at the start,
    then it's random afterwards.

    But sometime it depends of the game and if it got difficulty modes.
    Like easy mode, the monster/killer is scripted not to find the player,
    or have a low random chance to find for the player.
    Then on normal mode it's just random chance.
    and in hard mode would be a higher chance to find the player.
    almost like a rigged mechanic.

  2. I watch your videos about Puppet Combo videos before Manly or Alpha Beta, regardless of order of release. Don't tell them! (Also, happy birthday!)

  3. Hey Neco, no the case of black people dying first in horror movies doesn't exist in the horror industry. The past three years we have given leading roles in some major blockbuster horror movies but not your typical slasher flick. Most movies black and Hispanics lead in is either sci-fi horror and phycological thriller movies.

  4. 30:20 – This is actually a pretty genius and self aware joke/criticism about games with stamina meters tied to running, since a common issue people tease games about is how the protagonists can only run for like 10 seconds before out of breath or whatever, especially in these types of horror games. Puppet Combo gave a reason for it, lol.

  5. i love how jacksepticeye is in this. But SPOILERS!!!!!!***

    Jack obviously isnt the killer, cus it was that triggered cameraguy. Poor Jack gotta go and get murdered though.

    i hope P.C. gives you your dues one day and features your likeness in one of their games! You couldve even been the killers afro helper in Night Shift/Stay out of the House. You like to feature most of their games. Even Phucat got a feature in Night Shift, and at the time of that, he had about the same subscriber count as you do now. So I dont wanna hear you selling yourself short (despite how much i respect ones humbleness) . Keep doing what you do Neco! We love you =]

  6. I kinda disagree about the bathroom stalls, the worst thing you can do in a horror game is kill the player character…..just about anything can terrify the player till they get killed go to a reload screen and do the same thing over again….that monster will never scare the player like it did before he got killed, and the scare will lessen with each death

    the best thing is to make the player think they can be killed when they actually can not be killed, plenty of ways to punish a player without a gameover screen….one brutal method? give him a pet, take the pet "away" if he fails bad enough…..can be done with items and NPCs as well

    you have take away the players "supernatural" ability to retry till they succeed to make a true horror experience

  7. Happy (belated) birthday Neco! I’ve been subscribed since the F&H shoutout from John Wolfe and you quickly became the only let’s player I chose to watch with my limited free time.

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