PS2 Review: The Avatar Games

PS2 Evaluate: The Avatar Video games

Okay, time to take a fast little have a look at three licensed video games.

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24 thoughts on “PS2 Evaluate: The Avatar Video games

  1. Elca is now making an open world game with level selecting on Dreams. It actually has really good visuals and I have high hopes for it considering the other avatar games we've been given..

  2. With what Elca gaming is doing and the next generation of consoles. If they were to make an Avatar game (which seems very possible with how popular the Dream version is getting) they should make an open world Avatar game

  3. i had the first one but eventually got stuck so i never played it again, didn't even know there were more hahaha also i really really miss that Avatar Legends of the Arena game, that one was good (at least in the eyes of 10 year old me)

  4. Nah I disagree with him I personally loved avatar the last Airbender burning earth that was the best one I was a kid and saw no problems with it just blinded by nostalgia and that was the best avatar game in my opinion it was definitely worth the time I spent on it.

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